Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Divers have recently concluded work to recover centuries-old Chinese porcelain and artefacts from two historic shipwrecks found in 2015 off the coast of Singapore. The discovery [More]
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: A middle school teacher with back pain continues to hold lessons while lying down. The devoted educator from central China’s Henan province insisted on coming back [More]
Conservative judiciary head Ebrahim Raisi has been elected as the next president of Iran. Who is the 60-year-old conservative leader and what are his policies? Subscribe to our channel Follow us on Twitter [More]
They are little known to the general public, but rare earth minerals are literally the foundation stones of modern technology. There is increasing concern among world leaders about China’s virtual monopoly on these materials. Al [More]
When the global pandemic began, many predicted African countries would suffer devastating losses. And there have been more than five million cases and nearly 140-thousand deaths on the continent. But there have been worrying signs [More]
La variante del coronavirus B.1.617.2, denominada como ‘Delta’ y registrada por primera vez en la India en octubre del año pasado, se está propagando rápidamente en varios países y ya es dominante en algunas regiones. [More]
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The ramp to the Highland Park Bridge will be closed for 3 months, KDKA’s Bryant Reed reports.
China’s status as the factory of the world is under threat. Not from the United States, which is looking at ways to slow its economic dominance, but from its own falling birth rate. Fewer babies [More]
The United Nations General Assembly has called for an arms embargo against Myanmar while condemning the military coup in February. Though Friday’s resolution would need support from the Security Council and is not legally binding, [More]
Italy’s economy appears to be climbing out of its COVID-19 plunge. Its finances faced problems even before the pandemic, and people’s preference for cash payments hurt tax revenues. That looks to be changing now, as [More]
One of many uncomfortable truths about race in the US is that several Native American tribes once owned Black slaves. After the civil war, they were forced to end the practice and granted their slaves [More]
Ethiopia is preparing for parliamentary elections on Monday. The vote comes as tens of thousands of people from its Tigray region seek refuge across the border in Sudan. More than two million are internally displaced [More]
People who are vaccinated against COVID-19 with BioNTech’s vaccine were found to have “substantially higher” levels of antibodies than those who received Sinovac’s jab, the South China Morning Post reported on Saturday, citing a Hong [More]
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: After seven months of space travel and three months in Mars’ orbit, China’s Tianwen-1 unmanned spacecraft successfully deployed its rover Zhu Rong onto the red planet [More]
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Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss how Florida handled the coronavirus pandemic. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: FOX [More]
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Bukele anunció a principios de este mes que había dado instrucciones a la empresa estatal LaGeo -cuya planta de Ahuachapán aparece en las imágenes- para que pusiera en marcha un plan de construcción de instalaciones [More]
El conservador Ebrahim Raisi fue elegido como nuevo presidente de Irán, anunció este 19 de junio el Ministerio del Interior del país. Obtuvo 17,9 millones de votos, mientras que su rival más próximo, el excomandante [More]
Politicians and academics in South Korea are pushing for traditional paper-making to be included on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. It is feared that “hanji”, as the craft is known in Korean, could be in [More]
The coronavirus variant known as Delta is becoming an increasing concern for governments. In the United Kingdom, up to 90 percent of new cases are linked to the highly infectious variant that was first identified [More]
Argentina have recorded their first win of this year’s Copa America. They beat fellow continental giants Uruguay, on a night where Chile also picked up a win. Al Jazeera’s Sohail Malik reports. – Subscribe to [More]
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: More workers are becoming digital nomads as they flee Manila to work remotely at Philippine beach resorts. The influx of mobile workers at resorts has helped [More]
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Hong Kong’s iconic burgundy carriages are rolling off into history with a new look soon to be unveiled. The Peak Tram will undergo the final stage [More]
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Dozens of rescued smuggled radiated tortoises and other endangered tortoises at Hong Kong’s Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden have been in limbo since the start of [More]
The coronavirus pandemic has had a strong effect on people who rely on tourism in Argentina. Among them are the Indigenous Coya communities in the province of Jujuy. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo met some women [More]
Iranians have voted in an election to decide the fate of four candidates competing to succeed President Hassan Rouhani. Nearly 60 million voters are eligible, but there are concerns of a low turnout in a [More]
Ethiopia elections Ethiopians will next week vote in an election that takes place against a backdrop of civil conflict and warnings of looming famine. Voters will elect members of the federal parliament with the leader [More]
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