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The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 1/30/2023 | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Today Jan 30, 2023 The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 1/30/2023 | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Today Jan 30, 2023 The Last Word with Lawrence [More]
Morning Joe 1⧸30⧸23 [11AM] | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Today January 30, 2023
Ben Crump, attorney for Tyre Nichols’ family, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss discrepancies between the police report and the actual incident. “The fact that they continue to try to make this false narrative tells you [More]
The Justice Department has charged three men with attempting to assassinate prominent Iranian-American activist Masih Alinejad on U.S. soil. Alinejad joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the case and what international communities should be doing to [More]
In a BBC documentary on Putin and his relationship with western leaders, Boris Johnson says the Russian president claimed he could send a missile to hit the UK ‘in a minute’, with the former prime [More]
Обуна бўлинг – https://www.youtube.com/@bbcnewsuzbek Британиянинг собиқ бош вазири Борис Жонсоннинг Би-би-сига айтишича, Россия ўтган йили Украинага бостириб киришидан бироз аввал у Путиндан шахсий таҳдидни сезган. Унинг айтишича, Киевга ташрифи ортидан Владимир Путин билан бўлган телефон [More]
राहुल गांधी की भारत जोड़ो यात्रा हुई पूरी, बीजेपी ने यात्रा को बताया असफल. भारत जोड़ो यात्रा से क्या हासिल कर पाए राहुल गांधी करेंगे इसकी चर्चा और जानेंगे बीजेपी को कितनी चुनौती दे पाएंगे. [More]
The annual German Championship of Deer-Calling has taken place in Dortmund, Germany. The contest has been running for over 20 years and competitors must take turns either in groups or as solo entrants to create [More]
Researchers in Belgium say they have found a way for people to save money and stay warm in their homes – even if the heating is turned down. It works using a system called ‘Slow [More]
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has fired the Conservative Party chairman. It comes after an investigation into Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs found he seriously breached ministerial rules when he was chancellor. Questions remain over whether [More]
Annie Wersching Dies Actress In ‘24 ‘Bosch’ And Timeless’ Was 45 #usa #usanewstoday #newyork #latestnews #us #latest #the #world #usatoday #abc #usanewstoday #Americas News #USA News Today #Elon Musk #Twitter #Al jazeera #Al jazeera english [More]
Peru’s president has blamed Congress for the ongoing civil unrest. Nearly 60 people have been killed in the violence between the police and protesters. Dina Boluarte says if Congress does not agree to bring forward [More]
Al Jazeera news on 27th January 2023 interviewed Afrobarometer CEO Joseph Asunka on the extent of food security on the continent during The Africa Food Summit in Dakar. Al Jazeera used Afrobarometer data to offer [More]
महाराष्ट्र के रत्नागिरि का ये स्कूल कई मायनों में ख़ास है. इस स्कूल के संस्थापक का मानना है कि शिक्षा का काम सिर्फ़ बच्चों को शिक्षित करना नहीं होता बल्कि हर बच्चे की प्रतिभा को [More]
Newly-elected Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is working to turn things around in the state notorious for the Cyber Ninjas “Fraudit.” She’s transforming her Republican predecessor’s Election Integrity Unit, which she says might as well [More]
Award-winning photojournalist for The New York Times Lynsey Addario has covered violent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Darfur, South Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen and Syria. Her haunting images from Ukraine [More]
MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on new evidence confirming Peter Navarro never had a privilege claim from Donald Trump in 2022, when he was defying the January 6 Committee. That defiance led to [More]
Phillip Atiba Goff, Marq Claxton, and Jelani Cobb join MSNBC’s Ali Velshi to discuss the “aggressive physical force” displayed on video by the officers who fatally beat Tyre Nichols after a traffic stop, the “toxic [More]
Harry and Craig have an idea. They’re going to protest a recent homophobic incident by kissing until they’ve broken the world record. And they’re going to do it in front of their entire high school, [More]
Jean-Pierre Dodges Forgets & Dodges Question from FOX’s Doocy About Biden’s Classified Docs #shorts Like, Share, Subscribe! Your Daily Quick Fix. Tune in each day for the latest buzz worthy Takes from the world of [More]
Morning joe 1/29/23 [6AM] | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Today January 29, 2023
Tyre Nichols’ parents are speaking out following the release of bodycam footage that shows the traffic stop beating that allegedly lead to Nichols’ death. His stepfather, Rodney Wells, says that “violence will not bring our [More]
NBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian opens up about why she hasn’t been on air in a few weeks, telling viewers that a common cold lead into the development of Myocarditis, causing inflammation around her heart. She brings [More]
The former president kicked off his comeback efforts with stops in two key early-voting states: New Hampshire and South Carolina. Before this weekend, Trump had not held a campaign event outside of Florida since announcing [More]
American Voices With Alicia Menendez 1/28/23 | MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Latest Today 1/28/23, 2023
bbc nepali sewa bbc nepali sewa live bbc nepali sewa live today this is not the official channel Audio source bbc nepali news
At least three people have died and one is missing after New Zealand’s largest city experienced its “wettest day on record” on Friday. Auckland is said to have received 75% of its usual summer rainfall [More]
As we follow the nationwide outrage over the videos of Memphis police officers beating Tyre Nichols that lead to his death, Paul Butler, Professor at Georgetown Law and author of “Chokehold” joins Ali to discuss [More]
Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, NBC’s Jesse Kirsch has the story of an organization that is helping people discover images of relatives who suffered through or were lost in the Holocaust all by using facial [More]
Antonio Romanucci, attorney for the Nichols family, talks with Alex Wagner about how the family is trying to find purpose through their grieving over the tragic loss.  » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc Follow MSNBC Show [More]
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who led the prosecution of the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd, joins MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Jelani Cobb to discuss the long road ahead for prosecutors in [More]
Alex Wagner looks at the rate at which the police involved in the deadly beating of Tyre Nichols are being held to account compared with other police killings. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc Follow MSNBC [More]
Samuel Sinyangwe, founder of Mapping Police Violence, and Radley Balko, criminal justice system columnist for the Washington Post, talk with Alex Wagner about how “elite” units with police forces, like the Scorpion unit responsible for [More]
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A pilot demonstrated the first flying vehicle of its kind ever to be flown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s called the Ryse Recon and is essentially a giant piloted electric [More]
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