What is the role of traditional healers in South Africa? | The Take

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Seeking traditional healers in South Africa has grown as a popular method for dealing with mental health issues. They have come a long way – from being criminalized to being preferred by many today over psychologists. An Al Jazeera reporter discovers and experiences the methods of traditional healers and what it means for mental health.

In this episode: 

– Drew Ambrose, Presenter and Series Producer

Episode credits:

This episode was produced by Khaled Soltan with Sarí el-Khalili and Kevin Hirten, in for Malika Bilal. It was edited by Amy Walters. 

Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. Our lead of audience development and engagement is Aya Elmileik and Adam Abou-Gad is our engagement producer.

Alexandra Locke is The Take’s executive producer. Ney Alvarez is Al Jazeera’s head of audio.


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