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The Left Hides Behind a Child

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Brute Better says:

Is Thunberg short for not-see?

peter O says:

How is it any different from indoctrinating children to cult? end justifies the means?

Thomas lang says:

Greta thunbergs parents are child abusers

ryin catcher says:

global warming hoax solution tax the rich nations…leftists?

ryin catcher says:

Greta thunberg: white priviledge

Hard truth hall says:

Rebel news ask if you had mentality illness and she said no. And didn't have anything wrong with her. Just flat out abuse of a child.



Brian Lanier says:

I’ve noticed that she’s driving around on gasoline vehicles not one of those vehicles that are solar or wind power she never use a bicycle and she did not walk to her Destiination

John Quest says:

The child has been groomed for years by her parents. There words are dismissed as radical.

Douglas Silver says:

I won't listen to this little big mouth brat!! She's a little dumbass kid!! Parents ought to be arrested for letting this stupid little girl run her ignorant mouth!! Besides its the parents telling her to spread her bullshit!!

Richard Willette says:

Someone needs to tell this kid that just because 99% of scientists believe in climate change don’t make it so. I went to Trump University so I no the fax

Betty Alford says:

Greta is an abused child being used by parents who can't accomplish anything on there own.

Armored Anvil says:

Greta comes from an EU version of a Hollywood family of actors. She is being used by the EU hybrid Nazi/Stasi's.

Sam McCormack says:

Greta is out there saying that "people are going to die" speaking of the climate change that is normal. The communists love to use kids for their dirty deeds.

Dan Mcelroy says:

She's a pawn for the dems! They will use her till she has a real meltdown from the pressure of politics! Then they will toss her in the trash heap.

Michael Rhoades says:

It okay to pick on President Trump Son Baron but it not okay to pick on Greta this is a double standard .They are a bunch of cry babies.

Sue Rosser says:

She isn’t American, she and her parents need to go home and mind their own countries business.

Joseph Skinner says:

the left go after Barron, he never makes speeches or attracts attention to himself…once something bad is said about her the left is defending her…lets not forget the left and herself have put her in this position…be prepared little girl you bash people you better be prepared to receive it back!

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