Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms – BBC News

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At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They’re known as hikikomori.

Their families often don’t know what to do, but one organisation is offering ‘sisters for hire’ to help coax these young men out of their isolation.

A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks

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Hermawan Sutanto says:

Get your shitty ass out there, dude

LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFULL TO BE WASTED in that shitty small room

Boris says:

10:06 "no computer games allowed" gamecube?

Scorpionthepianist says:

Besides hereditary mental illnesses, if someone is broken, he doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s society.

Scorpionthepianist says:

They all need a Senko-san

marky 6 says:

Rent a hood sistah and have them get their ass out hahahha

tarin tarin says:

We all need to believe in God or be religious, depression will go away.

CatsMeowPaw says:

Cut off Internet, mobile, and TV access, and watch hikkikomori emerge and interact with the real world.

chewface says:

These men don't need "sisters". They need "lovers". But what they needed even more was a better support system in their youth. Develop strong social skills. Become desirable mates. Sadly, men have significantly less value than woman….so men like this will always slip through the cracks.

MATT0927 56 says:

Yo that looks like initial D kenta

Tiger Mafia says:

the Dub thou

Jaret Jose Ulanday says:

Is rent a sister an animé worst nightmare?

Jimmy Zhang says:

Did the sister married her brother?

The Original T-Paine says:

Awe, Kenta is so cute. If he was gay, I'd love him. He's obviously a very sweet person, and it sucks that people pushed him into isolation. I'd bet money he's an INFP-T personality. The turbulent aspect can make it challenging sometimes, but he's the kind of person one really wants to have as a friend, or a partner. Someone who actually cares about others, and is it hurt by it when others don't seem to care about them. I'm sure many people this happens to have other problems. However, I'd bet that many are just good, thoughtful, caring people who suffer in a world where those qualities are not only unappreciated by many, but can ever be a barrier to success in a world where to become successfully typically means one has to step on other to get there. He says their society is very tough on the weak, but it's more than that. Society is tough on anyone who doesn't want to exploit others to meet their own need, and desires because the economic system in Japan, and the US both, are set up to privilege those who have no moral compass, and no sense of obligation to ones fellow man. Because of the nature of the economic system, society privileges immoral, conniving, exploitative people, and discourages decent, fair-minded, caring people. Around the world old cultural/social, and economic systems are starting to fail, and break down because our technological development is changing the direction of our evolution, and humanity is getting to the point where it is no longer necessary to coerce people into working by making it impossible to obtain the bare necessities without doing so. It's time to automate everything that can possibly be automated, introduce UBI equivalent to a middle class income, make maintainence and repair of our automated systems part of k-12 education so everyone can work for a little while to make extra money should they choose to do so, pay people more for continuing their education, and setting up a system in which education is no longer a means to an end in the job market, but a way to expand one's knowledge so that one can be an asset to his community. Humans are ready for something better than this. This phenomenon is likely a symptom of our growing pains as a species. These people feel like they aren't meant for this world because they aren't, they're meant for a better one we should be trying to build.

2salzig2spucknapp says:

is this just nature responding to what our lifes have become?
all this phenomen feels like the "mouse utopia" you can watch it here on youtube
its a very interesting experiement what happens to mice when they have unlimitted food and no predators

after the X generation of mice some of them became asexual not willing to do anything than just sit, sleep and eat

Pot Committed says:

Why not just go outside like at a store or anywhere at a park? Just talk to people it isn't weird, if you think it's weird then your weird. If you scoff at this comment your probably one of those people who don't talk in the locker room.

Sofie u says:

Just so you know… it happens outside of Japan as well.
I know. I am one

Thomas Hobbes says:


Vladimir Putin says:

1st world problem

Shinigami117 S says:

Treatment??? Teach men to be men. Empower them. Teach them to be leaders. It’s the culture causing this not medical bullshit.

Gabrielle says:

Dude $900 a month to visit someone once a week and connect with them on a deep level to help them grow as a person fuck yeah I would love to do that. Specially because I have been going through mental health struggles and I understand how they are feeling, at least the ones who feel depressed and anxious. I want to go to Japan when I improve myself and having this goal of going there already helps me feel less hopeless. It can be very hard to do anything, specially in somewhere like Japan where psychotherapy is not covered by insurance. Sadly rent-a-sister is all they have. But it seems like a beneficial thing. I hope more hikikomori can be reached and helped. There are amazing unique people there who feel so down in themselves that they waste away like this for years. I don't want to become that for the rest of my life, and I don't want others to continue to suffer in that—the hikikomori condition.

PJ says:

In steets like this 1:10 do you blame them for retreating to their rooms and not coming out for decades? The world out there is a shit hole! Hikikomouri found the solution and now some blonde haired BIMBO 1:32 is trying to screw it all up, promoting her $900/week hookers. They can't coax you out to empty your wallet, so now they come to you to do it!

Max Dominate says:

What all of these Asian men need is to become mgtow or herbivore men. You can be productive in life and just work for yourself and your own future security. You don't have to have a female living off of you and ruining everything.

Next, they can come join our online community and we'll be their friends.

malhar jajoo says:

Lol .. rental sister job sounds so easy. 900 dollars wth

Oliver Seddon says:

One thing is, though レンタルお姉さん (rentaru onee-san) does literally translate to "rental sister", お姉さん can also just be used to mean "miss" or "young lady". Just thought I'd put that there for anyone interested

Big Potato says:

Im so confused, i just watched a video how its a national crisis how japanese are working to death. Now i see one how its a national crisis how japanese are hiding in their room and not working for decades? Damn

alchemist89 says:

This is happening in every developed country worldwide. It's just worse in Japan because they have such high expectations and so much shaming towards failure or non-conformity in the culture. Everything is spoken for. Many men can't transcend it. Women have different problems of their own… one of which is finding a man who cares when this phenomenon reaches a critical mass. And of course we have powerful people in the world who want this to happen because you use less resources if you sit in a box and never reproduce or feel ambition.

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