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Post-Merkel era: Who is going to step into Angela’s shoes?

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In Germany, the secretary general of Angela Merkel’s CDU party has reportedly stepped down – as she prepares to run for the party’s leadership, replacing the outgoing Merkel. But the jury’s still out as to who will win this race, as there are other major contenders for the post too.

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Peter Panino says:

Germany needs to exit NATO!!!

Peter Panino says:


Zucmidich Midich says:

Most Likely Aiman Mazyek  will be the Caliph.

Juniper lane says:

Just choose someone who is anti war and not an american puppet. Followng US warmongering has created migrant crisis.

Klonering says:

Merz is on Black Rock, Atlantikbrücke and Trilateral Commision. If he get's in power he will finalize what Merkel did. (The others are just fools)

Jao Jao says:

Right wing AFD

Ana Surena says:

New corrupt transatlanticists won't change the inevitable gravitational pull down the highway both former big-tent parties CDU and SPD are facing, they just can't understand as to why since they live in their own echo chamber beyond the horizon of common sense.

pippo espera says:

Don't vote a more right-wing party or you'll see how things change for bad for the regular people. The left needs to work as a block. Only way against the right-wing dominant-class consensus.

CIA Imports says:

Hopefully not another because screw Germans puppet of the eternal Juden.

Go Johnny Go says:

The next one could most probably take Germany into the One World Order. Who could even think a simple looking woman could change almost the entire European nations way of life in a few years.

gianni arnoldons says:

All blaming soros, the UN and other known criminals…while thinking Russia wants the good for world… what a bunch of blind silly sheeps… dont u yet understand the new world order acts like this?? Its called “problem , reaction, solution” and theyve been adopting the SAME Tecniques AS ALWAYS.. in ww2 it was the “good allies” , now “its the good russians” … and still the people get used as butchered meat… goddamn how truly dumb we are.. we fall for it EVERY time.. we maybe deserve it..

ann barns says:

wipe your feet on the way out merkel

Yellow Bhee says:

I don’t think it would fit !

Zappa 750 says:

How about a horse?

General Grievous says:

Mein Fuhrer

Aminor Amajor says:

I hope none would step into her shoes and keep doing what she's done so far.

Roman de Caesar says:

Now, it's time for that puss filled, demon possessed hag to be put to death for her crimes against Germany, Europe and and the rest of civilized humanity!!!

interwebtubes says:

The big question that everyone should be asking is where are they going to find an out of work Circus clown that can fill her massive shoes??


Optical Clarity says:

Hopefully someone with above room temperature IQ. Merkel has almost destroyed Europe.

Rich says:

Did Hitler have another secret love child?
Well it'll be another spawn of Satan anyway!

Amir Asadi says:

NOTHING alpha about a gay lol

Piper43078 says:

Her job is completed. Germany will never recover from her treachery.

Tantalising Love says:

Next chancellor…how about the alpha male?
I would vote for such man. Neither women nor effeminate soy boys.

svatinek says:

Hopefully someone with more than two braincells….

weepingod says:

my muslim neighbours are going nuts jumping on my ceiling because of my last comment, only the Devil understands the Indonesian mind

Appeli Sauice Stroke says:

Just a new wobbly world coupe trying to move a few big money companies to keep the puppet as their boss.

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