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Japanese child robot: Creepy AF!

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Japanese researchers have created an android robot child head that’s more expressive than any before. They have released video showing the impressive, and frankly creepy, results.

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Shauna K Eisenhower says:

Countries are crossing the line creating that type of technology …dangerous

Carin Hall says:

The folded eyelids, wow

карма_ says:

The perfect Pedo toy AF.

Asad Ahmad says:

Any homo sapien face would make this robot very cool; buT the ching pong features make this Creepy AF!!
Its because they are a derivatives of Homo Erectus, hence less evolved!
Basically their eyes, nose, height are all evolving. Thy'll probably get more human like in a Million years.

A B says:


Janet Airlines says:

It's still more personable than liberals

Yasir Anqa says:

next thing you know, underage sex dolls.

Daisy Leigh says:

Omg please all non-black races just hurry up and die out already so we can get back to nature and God.

truthseekers says:

America makes better ones.

Nothing Burger says:

Every priests favorite gift.

Silver Bear says:

Why make this into a music video?

Fugitive In exile says:

Robots will eventually take all of mankink manual jobs soon… to survive mankind will have to rob and do illegal activies for a piece of paper and metal called money that don't have no value; only consist of dead wicked president faces

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