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Inside China’s child pop star factory – BBC News

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China’s booming idol industry is worth billions of dollars, where young, mostly female, highly trained idols attract billions of views online.

12-year-old Yang Jingxin became an idol trainee three years ago. Every weekend, she trains with her agency on singing and dancing in the southern suburbs of Beijing. She is hoping to become a future star. But how likely is it for her to succeed in the highly competitive industry?


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Producer/Director: Natalia Zuo
Camera: Yitsing Wang, Xingyuan Chen

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chf gbp says:

The East Asian Way…

Bashir Ahmed says:

Modi Old Himalayan Wolf.Fatal,fierce
,beast.enemy of Human beings.

Plymouthian ZR says:

I can just smell the psychological abuse.

ShadyEvan足够阴暗 says:

BBC is a joke-factory of News

Way Maker says:

You mean the Korean K-Pop factory?

Worldman - ASV says:

Fuck China and fuck the CCP. Under Xi Jinping's dictatorship, YOU are the new Nazi Germany. Wake up!

Hameed Asghar says:

To BBC News team;
Current situation in India is not being reported properly

British Columbia says:

Commie idol

Mamadou Bendaloue says:

Education Education Education please parents. From Mr Mamadou BENDALOUE the UK innocent deportee in Ghana. Morton Hall IRC and Colnbrook IRC I'm still a deportee in Ghana. Since 27th November, 2014

fsf dsfa says:

Just the daily reminder that the BBC on order of labour didnt report about child rape gangs for 10 years because it would hurt leftwing
politicans and with that decision the BBC is complicit in mass child rape.

Khwaja Rahat says:

Born to be fake freaks 🤣🤣🤣

David Anzola says:

They have to live like Michael Jackson

Rose red Green says:

好丑 又很虛榮去扮演做小外國人 整體藝術有問題 父母都被這類無了的事情绑架

ling mu says:

so,news from BBC today, is Children's Inappropriate dream,with their stupid parents,seriously?this is not a news,basically, things like that happen everywhere in the every period.

smiler says:

Well this is sad. She is a stunning little thing. God protect her.

Gr GRE says:

Am I on VICE

Chen阳 says:


Chris Lajambe says:

She could have been a doctor. China is F#@!ed when the ccp is going after 12 year olds. #FailedState.

しおりch says:


JHeartU says:

Why are you deleting my comment? Because I’m telling the truth like Assange?? Haha Are you going to send him to America? BTW??

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