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Hong Kong flagship airline Cathay Pacific hit with financial trouble amid coronavirus outbreak

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Hong Kong’s flagship airline Cathay Pacific Airways is scrambling to ride out a financial storm caused by the coronavirus outbreak, coming right on the heels of months of anti-government protests in its home city as well as the US-China trade war. As the region tries to prevent the spread of the virus that causes the deadly Covid-19 illness, Cathay Pacific has cancelled more than a half of its scheduled flights in February and March 2020. Aviation experts say that as the outbreak wreaks havoc on air travel, Hong Kong’s international airport is also likely to be struggling to take off again at a pace even slower than was after the 2002-2003 Sars outbreak.


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Trap Town SIC says:

Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

Yes We Can says:

China may have its air right all to itself.

Mario S. says:

I see so many grounded A350s and B777-300ER aircrafts.

SF Chong says:

… and protest again

Haidi Cheng says:

What’s going on with HK? Cathay Pacific has always been the top 3 airlines with amazing service, safety and comfort. Sad 😰

盲武士 says:

Not just Cathay but all other Asian airlines

captain maple says:

Hk hate china they can offer attractive flight for other places and countries.

Hee Sing Sia says:

All airlines are affected some way or another

oceane303 says:

Love the reporter here. Great voice

Cows_Friend says:

Can’t believe some A350s are already on the ground.

WithAStick AngryWhiteMan says:

2:27 dat woman looks like Asian but her eyes are not black or brown??? Is she Hapa?

jona liza says:

cancelled all flight

WhatAHansel says:

CX gonna be closed?

KungUn says:

RIP Hong Kong?

Trap Town HTC says:

Goob job! 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

Discharge Summary says:

Pieces of steel…who gives a rats

TheTechCguy says:

It's for protection. If this virus wasn't around, things in this regard would be back to normal or better.

Stifler says:

Well at least they have made millions or billions of profit for years…

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