Global Prosperity Summit 2024; Science and Technological Co-operation and the Future of Mankind

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Technological Co-operation and the Future of Mankind, Professor Roger D.
Kornberg, Mrs. George A. Winzer Professor of Medicine, professor of Structural
Biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine and Nobel laureate (2006); Dr
Michael Spence, president & provost of University College London; Professor Wang
Xiaodong, director and investigator of the National Institute of Biological Sciences,
Beijing; and Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Turing Award winner, dean of the
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, dean of the College of
Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University and dean of the Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute
shared their perspectives on how to better
facilitate international scientific research cooperation. The panel was moderated by
Professor Nancy Y. Ip, president of The Hong Kong University of Science and

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