Chinese exporters turn to domestic consumers as coronavirus hits overseas markets

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Some Chinese exporters have set their sights on domestic markets as the Covid-19 pandemic hits their trading partners worldwide.


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YodaGrammar l says:

1.4 billion people in China
Huge domestic market.

Harold E. says:

Cute toys !

Shawn Hernandez says:

Never touch anything that's made in china. Even their water and miscellaneous stuffs.

Oopsitsdeleted • 92 Years and says:

So this is where those off brand 90 cent toys you find at the dollar store comes from

abar rolugos says:

made in Chee-na…

Abdul Rehman says:

Domestic consumption will make China even more stronger economically.

Just The Facts says:

Don’t touch anything from China. Even their water is contaminated.

Carlito The Troll Carlito says:

Does it mean if i want to eat bat and penguin, i'll just get it myself?

T Perm says:

Why could not China just print money and give it to its citizens for spending to boost demotic demand, it certainly has the capability of supplying these citizens with consumer goods. There will be few tweaks alone the way, but by the end of it, Chinese people will be richer and consume more, export less, Chinese products will be more expensive to everyone else.

satria amiluhur says:

Nah, kids nowadays want either money or the latest samsung galaxy

Amelia LPS says:

1:45 those chicks be zoomin'

Matthew Wallace says:

Better this way

ihuman trafficking says:

&. Nobody’s buying

trebledc says:

After covid19 and lost of jobs who will ever want to create babies to play those toys.

pawan raj says:

All these toys are sold at such low cost in india .

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