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Bipartisan bill would let parents use child tax credits to raise kids

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A group of bipartisan lawmakers are trying to make it easier for new parents to take time off of work. one America’s Jake Henry explains more about their proposal for paid parental leave.
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Esoteric Jesus says:

Why have kids if you cant afford them??? America is running towards a cliff

ezumin says:

… more socialism? No thanks.

Jane Feeney says:

In Canada a parent can have up to a year off. They can by law go back to their job after one year. The parents can split parental time off. If they choose to mother can have 6 months father 6 months or one of them can take the whole year. They are paid by unemployment. 48% of their earned income monthly. But they never lose their jobs. It is their choice if they want to go back to work after a year to the same job they left for their maternity/ paternity leave.


Earned income credit isnt enough as it is now they have no skin in game anyways they get back every penny they pay in and then up to 5k per kid bonus

William Vasquez says:

WHO in their RIGHT MIND would have an ABORTION????.After seeing these adorable babies THEY are GOD’S precious little gifts.Of course Planned Parenthood DOESN’T think so!WHAT a MURDEROUS organization they are! They SHOULD be PUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

Arrow Phillips says:

Google has almost scrubbed this from YouTube….proof incom taxes are illegal

watchman401 says:

Overpopulation was the "climate change" of the 60's and 70's. By now there was supposed to be a human being on every square foot of the planet and not enough food production to feed them, causing mass starvation, riots, ect. The solution was having less babies, many Americans took it seriously. Now our socialists are concerned that the lack of baby production is not providing enough revenue to support the bureaucratic state, particularly social security, medicare, medicaid, ect.
Our progressive tax system was designed by the socialists to do more than provide revenue, but also to incentivise or deincentivise our activities.
Our masters are now concerned that we are not producing enough slaves to support the bureaucratic state so get busy.

Arrow Phillips says:

Someone should point out that the Supreme Court on two different occasions ruled the employment tax illegal. President Woodrow implemented it in order to pay his father in-law and other share holders of the federal reserve…yeah the democrats in Congress gave permission creat the fed on Christmas Eve when almost all of Congress was home. The tax is still illegal and more and more state judges are letting you produce this evidence in court. There is still no law stating Americans have to pay an employment tax….so there going to let us keep some of the taxes that the fed cartel is steeling from us at fear of being put in prison? Thanks for that.
President Woodrow said on his death bed that his biggest regret was helping his father in law steel the American people future.

mmmgorgeous says:

if you cant afford to raise kids, dont have them. crazy concept, I know.

Suzie Q says:

FMLA and child tax credit covers this. So what are they bragging about? They haven't done a damn thing but create a fkn news story about why we shouldn't fire all of them!

carol marshall says:

Wants to drain Social Society. They need to find money somewhere else. Then it could be O.K.

NorthShoreMoana says:

Single people are forced to pay for those with multiple kids they can't afford. I know of several women who refuse to work more than part-time because that would cut off their welfare. At tax time they receive $15K-$20K (child tax credit) they are not entitled to. Year after year they blow every dollar because they know the next year they will get it again. On top of those people add tens of millions of illegal aliens doing the same thing. Child tax credit needs to end there's no reason someone should pay in a few hundred and pull out up to 20K.


Listen to the whole video, or goggle the proposed bill before y'all go crazy commenting. Half of you people are flying off the wall on this. This is a simple tax credit being proposed, not a giveaway program.

jaime sundberg says:

If your full time you can take up to 6 mo off with out termination . Its called fmla. This is just a bunch of sh!t from bullsh!t look at me people in congress. Because you know 2000 will pay for a baby at a daycare for about a month or less. That frist year is the only time you raise tour kids right lol.

Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman 2 says:

This would be good if families could just "homeschool" their own children and get them out of these public indoctrination centers of liberal Madness.

Cynthia Hamer says:

Children are not GOATS.

Lucius Sulla says:

YES YES YES YES YES this is what got the birth rate back up in Poland

iDeagles says:

“Bipartisan” that’s how you know it’s bullshit. It’s just another attempt to get their hand in your pocket. Just cut taxes and everyone benefits instead of irresponsible people that pump out a kid every year. 80% of government jobs are useless anyways. Especially the democrats that’ve been having a temper tantrum for 3 years now. How about we use their paychecks to cover this bill? How about that 35 million Mueller wasted? I’ve never seen a bigger waste of oxygen and they blame climate change on cow farts. lol

Kathy DeAtley says:

30 days off is all they need. Sorry but people have babies all over the world and no the adjustments should have been made prior to the baby being born. Time off should be medical reasons not because you chose to have a baby. You pay for your time off if you want it but dont use tax payers money to pay for it.

Craig Holmes says:

This is the one tax I can agree with…. however now we're going to have the smelly feminazis doing it just to get money, who don't care about kids unless they're girls anyway…. honestly couple should have kids when they're ready to start a family, not just so they can get money for doing it… but that's just me

Roger Cox says:

You mean the parents will get to use the money that they earned to raise their children oh my what a concept I never thought of that before holyshit the world is much better place

Denise E says:

In Hebrew kid means young goat. Stop calling your children goat's.

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