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Zelenskyy calls again for meeting with Putin ‘to end the war’

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that the likelihood of further peace talks with Russia in Turkey depended on Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, but that Kyiv wanted substantive talks to happen in an effort to “put an end to the war”.
“I think that whoever started this war will be able to end it,” he told a news conference at a metro station in the heart of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Saturday.
He was “not afraid to meet” Putin if it would lead to a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, he added.
“From the beginning, I have insisted on talks with the Russian president,” Zelenskyy said.

Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Kyiv.


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Edward Walker Baido says:

If they winning the war why should he need to talk to president Putin??this guy is a joke and western puppy,,,he has being used by United state and has made this destroy he’s country

Sandra Richardson says:

Qhats he speaking Arabic?(haccp}

Tw Time says:

The clown🤡and his gangs ukronazi😈..want this war for theirs masters..now will be crash like 🐭👈😏

Optist kamal says:

You call for weapons and in turn want a peace resolution.


Zelensky asking for peace but next day ask for weapons

Dietmar Bitterlich says:

Putin will meet Zelensky only after he is executed.

Second First says:

Zelenskyy after the meeting: "We need more weapon…."

Gan Kai Hock says:

What's the point of asking to meet Putin again? It's difficult to trust the Russians? Who agreed to the terms in Istanbul and only to pull out later?

sekou kelleh says:

Stage comedian

Nushar Fish Cutting says:

Good Luck Russia, We Stand With Russia.

Al's Opinion says:

End the suffering of your country and make peace with your fatherland!
Stop playing soldier boy at the expense of your peoplel

Nathlie Majskolv says:

He looks high again.

Bawor Bruno says:

Zelensky has scrapped the negotiation points agreed in Turkey after the sinking of Moskwa warship and believed that Ukraine was riding victory wave.

Ash K says:

😂😂Zelensky threatening to withdraw from peace talks. That will really make the Russians run for their lives from Ukraine. When u allow a clown to rule u🤦‍♂️

Fee Nok says:

I wonder what they are gonna talk about?
Zelenskyy: Stop the war
Putin: No

Aussie Chris says:

I'd say all the Russians in the comments section here are the true comedian's if they actually think Russia is winning. The world will just keep giving Ukraine weapons until Russia run away back over the border.

Alhagie sabally says:

He was joking with fire which American put him to well done Russia

01017400 says:

Worlds highest paid (Actor) comedian !

Alessandro Dastamio says:

..🤣😂🤣comedian.. there's nothing to talk about.. just wait till your last city will turn into ash..

Yaranito Jack says:

Mr president stop hiding underground.. be man 🏃‍♂️ from this hole to next for ur tick tok..later he will change his word.

Hermione Granger says:

The man doesn't have any power to control Azov. Just like in the Palestine, where its president doesn't have any power to control Hamas.

Gabzerelli5 says:

Russian troll factories and incels are going into overdrive atm

Zain Zoala says:

🤣🤣🤣 You can make as much as you want a media make up for this clown. The truth is, This comedian is a big joke. He is totally not serious and definitely just sitting in broken car seat only, but allowing someone else to hold the steering gear break clutch gas pedals.

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