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World’s ‘most-threatened’ pangolins are still in trouble in Vietnam despite wildlife trade ban

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The future still looks bleak in Vietnam for pangolins, the world’s most trafficked mammal, despite the nation’s renewed laws to crack down on the wildlife trade. Some wildlife conservation experts say the illegal trade in wild creatures persists, in part, because of pressure from market pressures created by the coronavirus pandemic.


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Fariz Zulfahmi says:

"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?"

Fariz Zulfahmi says:

"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man!"

ShiJie 12311 says:

Meanwhile Singapore: destroys ivory

zitronentee says:

I still don't understand demands on wildlife animals as food. Like, aren't domesticated animals/cattles enough?

Niel Spencer says:

Hide the pangos..chinese will eat you

Tami True says:

Theyre not ardvarks?

Khương Tân Trần says:

People taking risk up to 15 years prison cuz chinese offer bigchunk of money for these animal

Vikingteez says:

Well, they shouldn't have started coronavirus.

Vitou VT says:

Then help dogs

Victoria emma says:

I need an investment consultant

Terry Lap says:

I just wanted to point out, in Ancient China, all of the medicine utilised nearby herbs and roots, no animals. It’s just when people saw that they could sell animal parts under the fake assumption that they are medicines for much more, they started branding ridiculous things that would’ve never even existed in Ancient China as “Chinese medicine”. This of course, besmirched the name of Chinese medicine, if you want to insult, insult modern day China.

Ankit S says:

Corona is just a warning from nature for humans to get their act staright.
Already whole humanity is suffering because of the act of few countries.
Next time their will be mass extinction of humans.

samuel mcclelland says:

Glad to see Vietnamese trying their best to stop wildlife consumption.

Anand Laishram says:

Hope they are not being eaten

Micah TTT says:

People from North Borneo also eat this animal, along with python and common water monitor.
Well.. Certain number of people though. Not all of them.

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