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Woman opposing Tokyo Olympics arrested after shooting water pistol at torch bearer

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Police in Mito, Japan, arrested a 53-year-old woman after she allegedly sprayed liquid at an Olympic torch bearer. Footage filmed by a spectator shows Kayoko Takahashi shooting a water pistol at the torch runner on July 4, 2021. She was also heard shouting slogans opposing the Tokyo Olympics.


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Jupiter Moon says:

When the Japanese start to demonstrate, it's really serious. They rarely ever voice their discontent to the government, but they do now. It should be taken very seriously.

Bara Nugraha says:

Welp, the infection rate is gonna spike in Japan

DaveTheBasha says:

Why would you want to stop the Olympics?

Isman Kurniawan says:

saddest olympic ever

Shui Ki Cheung says:

我老香港人相信部份日本人不喜歡東京奧運?Me old Hong Konger believe partially Japanese or Nippon disliked Tokyo's Olympic ?

Jimmy Z says:

Gathering of people will definitely help

Pixelchu says:

Pretty much a bad situation overall.

williem hendra says:

Japan should just give up,Just the next Olympic election… 2022 is Olympic in Beijing.. Winter season…

Junne says:

What a power move.

Rosula_D says:

I'm shook by the fact that (1) she used a water gun, not a molotov or something (2) she talked in a loud but not screaming voice (3) they got in front of her, then escorted her out instead of tackling her down and using more violence. I'm not sure about Japanese policing protocols, I wonder if they're instructed to de-escalate in such situations and not deal with protesters by violent means.

SP95 says:

And so the liberal nihilist ideas are also reaching Japan.

Diabetes mellitus Typ II says:

I thought there was gasoline in it but it was just water^^

Fathur Rahman says:

What are you doing? "Uhh…Playing water gun pew pew"

Jaye chow says:

Health comes first over profit and was arrested for that. Is this what western democracy values is all about profit.

B D says:

Imagine arresting a citizen for that. Sadly, because of how unfair the Japanese legal system is, she likely will be coerced to plead guilty by police.

Fathur Rahman says:

So early in the morning

Central Point says:

Spray gas, it makes thing more interesting

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