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Woman in China holds up child dangling from window railings

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A woman in central China’s Hubei province held up a child who was dangling from second-storey window railings with her shoulder for around 20 minutes.


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William T. says:

This happened again?

Rahul says:

Child is trying to escape.

pak 79 says:

some super heroes wear ripped jeanss.

Ismayil Arifoglu says:

Give her Chinese citizenship and introduce her to Hall of Fame in Shaolin monastery.

Irosen Odka says:

In China you always can see child hung out of the window and blown up by the manhole cove

Andre Cubano says:

Look at the guy climbing down…. Wimp

TriXJester says:

Lock your windows if you live high up and are gonna leave children alone. Many children have died from falling from windows

Jacqueline Harper-Simmons says:

Thank you, just saw the post 7/3/21. Here in USA.


I think her parents or guardians were very irresponsible in letting the child be on her own. as a child, if i were an adult I COULD NEVER. KUDOS TO THE BRAVE LADY THAT SAVED THE LITTLE GIRL

Bobby says:

that aint even a high dangling distance, just jump onto the platform below, then with the fence climb like a ladder

ღXxAlphaGirlxXღ says:

wow so nice people still exist

Eremenatar says:

I feel like this has happened a lot, they're not child proof

Shweetie Peetie says:

I am so curious, I want to know if anyone ran to knock on the door of that particular unit, but then again I think everyone was doing their best for sure, I am referring to the by standers.

Jazmine Jules says:

Why make a balcony with open spaces in the floor? That design doesn't make any sense for residence safety.

Anniekins MishkaMouse says:

I applaud the Lady and others who selflessly put themselves at risk to save this child. But, why is there no outrage over a child that young being left alone.

Joesph Reign says:

I am sure a lot of people who are not mothers would jump up there and help that child as well.

Alpzepta Anime says:

Why does the floor have gap?!! Wonderful Chinese design! Lucky she still alive after all this

Jayesh SV says:

Most Men think they are powerful, I feel women are more powerful when it comes to bearing pain and selfless sacrifice. Also mothers have greater impact on Kids.

Princess Aubynn says:

China infrastructure is so fricked sometimes

Aljun Cortez says:

me as Uncle of My Nephew I Always show up once they are in Danger

thomas he says:

looks like they are firefighters to save that child on the window railings

Cyliable says:

It has nothing to do with being a mother. As a human being I'd do anything I can to protect the life and wellbeing of another human. Old or young, whenever I can.
We don't say it's a mum's instinct when a man save a child. I can be a childless woman with no plan to have one and go above and beyond to save one.

Omni Mino says:

This happens so many time in China

Chow Kok chung says:

Fast reach save d little girl what incredible woman

eagledove9 says:

How on earth could those metal bars be built with so much space in between them? That's completely insane. I actually like the idea of having some kind of bars over the outside of windows and balconies, on tall buildings, to prevent anyone from falling, jumping, or being pushed off, but the bars should be close together enough that children and pets can't fall through them – or partway through, like she seems to have done. I know you can't have an infinite number of bars, so maybe something as small as a mouse might fall through, but come on, enough space for a human child to fall through? Somebody must have thought that cheapness was a higher priority than safety – we'll save money on this building construction if we put fewer crossbars on these balcony floors.

Raj Borborua says:

Irresponsible parents!!

🇹🇷Türk savaşçı⚔️ says:

Why is this so common in China?

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