What’s on World Wide Campus? – 2021 National Security Education Day for all

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For this week on “What’s on World Wide Campus?”, here’s today’s topic about Hongkongers brave drizzle to take part in National Security Education Day events in Central. #NationalSecurityEducationDay #全民國家安全教育日

According to South China Morning Post, Undeterred by a drizzle on Thursday afternoon, dozens of Hong Kong residents – most of them middle-aged or elderly – visited a booth at Statue Square in Central to commemorate National Security Education Day, the city’s first since the imposition of Beijing’s legislation on the subject last June.

Started in 2016, the day was previously marked only by officials’ speeches, but this year, with the government taking over as organiser for the first time, a series of events were staged across the city for politicians, pupils and the general public alike.

At Statue Square, in the shadow of the headquarters of banking giant HSBC, a large white-and-purple board printed with a tight grid was set up – with similar installations found in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sha Tin – as part of a participatory activity to mark the occasion.

Designed as a sort of jigsaw puzzle, each of the boards aimed to collect photos of around 2,000 residents and arrange them together to form a mosaic showing Victoria Harbour and the slogan “Uphold national security, safeguard our home”.

Read more article on South China Morning Post→ https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3129714/hongkongers-brave-drizzle-take-part-national-security


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