What's driving the gold rush on financial markets? | Inside Story

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The coronavirus pandemic means we are facing our worst ever recession.
When times are tough, investors tend to put their money into so-called ‘safe haven’ assets such as gold.
The gold price hit a record high of $2,060 an ounce a couple of weeks ago, a 30 percent rise this year.
Could the rush affect the chances of economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic?

Presenter: Imran Khan


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Christian Lawrence – Senior Market Strategist at Rabobank

Michael Hewson – Chief Market Analyst at the financial firm CMC Markets

Arun Kumar – Professor of economics at the Institute of Social Sciences

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muhamed J says:

Gold and Silver are money. Paper currencies have 0 intrinsic value are big fraud. Paper currencies are printed from thin air into existence. People should dump all currencies for Gold and Silver and save their hard earned capital.

Human says:

The Governments will keep printing currency. It's daylight robbery of value. We need to go back on to Gold standard in this global age. Otherwise US and EU will flood the global market with their useless paper.

Covid -19 says:

It’s going to crash very soon

I C U says:

You can't take it with you when you die and Children are going hungry 😜 humanity is truly stupid

Md Zakir says:

Thank you Al Jazeera good luck 👌👌

F SL says:

Bitcoin is USD49000. And it's thin air.

icedan 115 says:

Is it weird that I already knew most of this stuff?

The lu says:

Maybe because were n the verge of economic collapse???

No Neck Ed says:

Go buy as much gold as you want fellas. But just don't buy any gold from a place associated with China. Unless you want to end up with tungsten bars covered in gold plating. 😂🤣🇨🇳

PAK IDEA says:

Good new's for gold lover

NightCrawller says:

be it any season you come to India and gold will always be bullish

Healthy lifestyle says:

Soon price of gold will be falling

Healthy lifestyle says:

Indian temples have more gold than South Africa!

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