Wall Street ends sharply lower as Delta variant spooks investors

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Across the United States, concerns about another coronavirus surge have hit Wall Street.
Investors say fears over the fast-spreading Delta variant may slow down economic recovery.
The fall comes as cases rise in all 50 states.

Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from New York, US.

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hatim tai says:

Long live the Greater Israel project from Mecca to Jerusalem 😄😄😄

Ocean Wave says:

The US has been chaotic and messy before, during and even after the pandemic (when vaccines are available). Chaos is an option, not a fate. Western styled democracy is always accompanied with chaos.

Alessandro Dastamio says:

..there's another coming after delta.. it could be epsilon 🤣🤣

Rekha Gokhale says:

Much ado about nothing…Wall Street creates all the problems. So if Wall Street is worried I'm happy. We haven't forgotten 2007 meltdown not trusting Wall Street ever

Peggy Mattie says:

The only answer to our problems is to repent/turn from our sins and believe/follow Yeshua/Jesus. Get back to a moral lifestyle. Get back to Saturday/Sunday services.

Empty Soul says:

A vaccine is a comfort to a fool.

flun ted says:

America wants China to save America like it did in 2008
But this time China ignored them, Is that why the US is now crazy about demonizing China

Maurice Martin says:

Wow the veriant spooks investors? What a stupid storyline. Sounds like a distraction. Money must be moving out the backdoor

sam kim says:

Stop ✋ Market

Xarako Comedy says:

All previous impairs falled down. It is time U.s impaire to fall and ended

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