Vietnamese farmer raises thousands of fighting fish in separate bottles

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Vietnamese farmer Tran Ngoc Thang has been raising betta fish in individual bottles for the past 20 years. The colourful fighting fish is known to be aggressive and was once prized for its combative nature. The fish used to be pitted against each other in fights and were used in betting matches. Now they are bought mostly for ornamental purposes.

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rosemlkt says:

I have mine in his 10 gal paradise lol

DJ Enova says:

Ikan cupang anjay.. Kirain apaan

Terrie Belle says:

They sale these fish in small bowls because they know the fish will perish quickly and you’ll have to come back and spend more money to replace them. These fish belong in much larger tanks. Please, if you buy a fighting fish.. do the necessary research and preparation !! Keeping them in a small container is cruel and makes them sick.

Nova Siswanto says:

Cupang fish

Cliff Cheung says:

Poor fish just living their entire lives in a cup

PsyQoBoy says:

4,000 individual fish? I can't even catch 4000 Pokemon

Karen Hernandez says:

0:52 trypophobia trigger

L Heise says:

So sad, this is animal abuse,.but the human does not see it.

Star Dust says:

So sad 😌

AngelicHellSpawn Yang says:

Or they could just drop these into my bass pond and guarantee they all become food within 48 hours hehe

Blossom Uski says:

my family would call them peacock fish !

True religion Man-child says:

I wish He had an online store lol

Just Another Mortal says:

Those fish must be so depressed…

Clear Eyes says:

Oalah cupang

J Breeze says:

He’s really just walking on the bottles like that… bro why are men over there 50KG max

Rudi Cahyadi says:

In Indonesia, we called that fish's "cupang".

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