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US police release footage of Black man’s violent 2019 arrest

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Police in the US state of Louisiana has released body camera footage of the arrest of a Black man after being accused of a cover-up.
The video shows Ronald Greene being dragged out of his car, shackled, beaten, stunned, and choked by white officers.
He died on the way to hospital two years ago but the footage has only just been released following an investigation by the Associated Press.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports.


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Foreigner ISRAELITE says:

Hopefully he is in heaven
Amen ❤️

creative banda says:

The most unsafe country for black, they spend billions of dollars for terrorist state like isreal but see how they treat their own citizens

H2 Lo says:

No, the police didn't release this video. It was obtained by journalists via excellent investigative journalism. The police were still trying to cover up the murder. The whole police department lied for 2 years. Where is the proverbial good cops?

Andrew Benthe. says:

I was just censored on here by YouTube for writing this :

Brutally murdered by racist, righteous, in-breds with badges for the excuse. Stick them in thier own electric chair. Symptomatic of a deeper more widespread problem…and that problem is they get away with this often. This MUST End.

mkkiani says:

Policing is something any cult would be interested in. If a cult like the KKK, could run policing, it would allow them to act with authority over the black population in a manner that would control that population like a herd. The KKK being christian have the bible and the papal decrees to support them. Now if I say 80% of usa police are secret members and have friends in the freemasons (lawyers & judges) to assist them in their goals, well, its hard to break into secret .orgs This is why no one ever leaks wrongdoings. Those found guilty are given an easy time in prisons. And the appeal system for Chauvin shows law and order is a joke.

anthony says:

Could you imagine the horror if 5 black police officers did this to a white man in America?

Georgy Porgy says:

I'm so disturbed by these disgraceful uniformed officers behaving worse than Nazi's. Will it never end? How many innocent lives will be lost before this disgraceful behaviour is wiped out and the perpetrators punished??

C. Lincoln says:

The murder of black people is sad, but think about the all the hateful words that poor Asians have to hear, that's WAYYYYY worse that being lynched/murdered. Please pass a bill to protect Asians from Hateful words. 😒😒😒😒

Anonymous Anonymous says:

That was a Police lynching & murder. Every single racists cop who was there should face murder or accessory to murder charges.

drepachi77 says:

Face down in the dirt bloodied. Thin Blue Line brotherhood

michael mantinaos says:

They said he died in a car crash pigs

kevin norman says:

So, they say he died in a car accident, but that was obviously not true. An obvious cover up. Where are we going from here?

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