US kids get British accents after watching Peppa Pig over lockdown

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British cartoon ‘Peppa Pig’ has been causing trouble across the pond.

American parents have been shocked to find their kids using British phrases and even speaking with English accents after their children binge-watched the cartoon pig during the lockdown.


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Disappoint Panda says:

Maybe they can even learn some proper manners instead of ' I want ' all the time. Wouldn't that be something .

Mu Fanchu says:


Leon K. Tefft says:

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Leon K. Tefft says:

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SirXavior says:

Its true. I was at my sisters and she asked her son (my nephew) how's Breakfast?. His response "rubbish..mommy!!" in a British accent.

Bhangra Fan says:

If that's true it's just a tiny taste of their own medicine. In the UK the mass media, especially TV, is totally saturated with US content. The result is that more and more people here are speaking a kind of "Trans-Atlantic" English I call "Box Set English". It is NOT British English. They say things like "I'm good" instead of I'm well, "Train station" instead of railway station, "Take out" instead of take away, "Goosebumps" instead of goose pimples, "Lady bug" instead of Lady Bird, etc. etc. I even occasionally hear people pronouncing the word ROUTE the US way "Rowt" instead of the English way "Root". I think the only reason people haven't started to call the pavement the "sidewalk" is because no one in US TV ever walks anywhere. My guess is that most British people under the age of 30 don't even recognise what I'm referring to, so Americanised is their English.

Adrik says:

The British are taking over 👶🏻

neuroscram says:

Finally some good news!!

Sagar Shrestha says:

oh man this is so hilarious 😂

Gary Wright says:

Well infairness we gave the Americans every chance to do something nice with the place but after they elected Trump it became obvious they couldn't look after it properly, so I'm afraid we're going to be needing it back. Send in Peppa…

XMasterGamer says:

Ah yes a British cartoon colonizing the US

the doctor airsoft says:

This is the most adorable problem i ever heard.

paltu boyz says:

" paw patrooool"

Monotonous Insomniac says:

Well a lot of millennials and Zoomers grew up watching children's shows made in Canada and yes the characters had Canadian accents. Just listen how the characters say their o's and words like "sorry" and so on. I didn't know what was the American way of saying pasta until later in life cause a lot of those characters rhymed pasta with hat.

Vicissitude Gigglesmith says:

Now reverse it. How many British kids speak American. There's very little British accents on media in the UK.

UFO Talk says:

We need to ban Peppa pig until we figure out what the hell is going on

charlie pearce says:

Haha…."How Clever ! "

Sagittarius Man says:

I can only hope that somewhere in the Uk, theres a guy that sounds exactly like Moe Sizlack.

Allistair Eccles says:

My 3 year old started calling my "Bruv." WTF???

AlamBarzakh99 says:

Wow im so worried, look what the pandemic has done


RT running out of good news.

Niki Saraswati says:

They are so funny…

The Sword of Kings says:

Have the kids watch MOATS with Galloway. The Scottish accent would by fantastic. 😉

Rich Smith says:

We live in Australia and my sisters 5 year old still talks like a Brit after watching Peppa Pig everyday when she was like 3 years old.
Just certain words she pronounces like a Brit.

Brettagher says:

I'd rather have my kid speaking like Peppa pig instead of SpongeBob squarepants.

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