US imposes new sanctions on Russia, expels diplomats

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United States President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that imposes a slate of new sanctions against Russia, as well as expelling 10 diplomats from the US, in response to a massive Russian hacking campaign that breached vital federal agencies, as well as for election interference.
The sanctions, foreshadowed for weeks by the US administration, represent the first retaliatory action announced against the Kremlin for last year’s hack, familiarly known as the SolarWinds breach.
In that intrusion, Russian hackers are believed to have infected widely used software with malicious code, enabling them to access the networks of at least nine agencies in what US officials believe was an intelligence-gathering operation aimed at mining government secrets.
The order “sends a signal that the United States will impose costs in a strategic and economically impactful manner on Russia if it continues or escalates its destabilizing international actions,” the White House said in a statement.

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Ivan Skirchak says:

Biden wants to play with Putin’s leg hair.

LegendaryMercDC says:

Yep. Keep sanctioning; It worked so well against north korea

Mr Tube says:

That's why the elite hated Trump, he didnt provoce a war.

O T says:

The Russiaphobia in the US is sickening.

Mohamed Abdi says:

Al Jazeera fake news channel

Yusuf Samaai says:

Where's the sanctions on israhell for their cyber attacks on Iran the killing of Iranian scientists the bombing of Syrians etc the list is extremely long Yes where is the sanctions or is bibi yr boss Pity the americans

Moureen Kinyeki says:

The king of the north and the south will never be friends

Khurram Shahzad says:

Now time is gOne

Boarlaw Attorneys At Law says:

Thats all USA can do for losing face to Putin over Ukraine crisis. Biden bowed to Putin. He realizes Putin rules the world. Pentagon officials have re called USA war ships to black sea.

Xarako Comedy says:

Biden calling summit with and sanctioned. U.s is insane

tyler webb says:

do you think we’re really about to go to war?

Barua Safi says:

A dying empire must commit suicide with billions of humanity and that is the path of the United States of America. As much as it is printing money, its problems are insurmountable. It must look for excuses left and right.

Agam Liandy says:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Einstein

james slowe says:

Wins election.

Donald trump: Calls
election fraud/interference.

Biden: We won "fair a

Media: Derpty Durpppp

add some more

Biden: Sanctions on
Russia for election interference.

Public: Oh

Doom Doomy says:

Watch Russia and China try to bankrupt our currency..

lokesh otti says:

Al-" jihadi" on India's protest:-😋😋 we will show this to world

Al- "jihadi " on Pakistan's civil war(millions of people and soldiers are against government and 100 ki*led) :-😶😶😶🤐🤐🤐🤫🤫🤫 we will not show this to world because we got payment from pakistani government and ISI

Rinji jake says:

what a great idea, cut off diplomatic ties, cut off their means of income and call their president a killer…..what could possibly go wrong 🤔😒

Chris Hani Omitta says:

The US invested much to see Russians die its poetic justice in my opinion

Ash Wolf says:

Lol Biden is going to end up looking the fool here… No one takes on Putin and ends up the winner.

Anwar Sedick says:

Sanctions dont work when Russia is not using the dollar. Sanction the dollar and the US. Sanction the SWIFT banking system and start using digital currency. The US empire is slowly crumbling.

nikos cyp says:

Do not poke the bear, is gonna tear apart you idiots.

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