US House backs 25th Amendment to remove Trump

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The US House of Representatives has backed a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to be used to remove President Donald Trump from office before his term ends.
Trump is accused of inciting rioters at the US Capitol last week.
The request from the Democrat-controlled House now goes to Vice President Mike Pence.
But he has already ruled out applying the 25th amendment to declare Trump unfit for office.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from Washington, DC.

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Anthony Miller says:

funny they never did anything when America was burning

TheFelltimber says:

just bow out gracefully…if you didn't get enough votes then that is the result. Or is he a dictator in waiting?

Shuhaib Cp says:

As soon possible

Carol Li says:

Disgusting Democratic! Stop the Steal!

Tadayuki Shirono says:

The evil is everywhere. I'm very sorry

Diamante Organico says:

oh god. jan 20th can’t come soon enough. what a vile creature the current resident is. can’t wait til he slithers along. unfortunately his Goebbelesque ideology will prevail because he exposed something that was looking for a uniting force in hate. fortunately this force is, by millions, outnumbered. Now we have work to do.

Nga Weibel says:

Shut up democraty, you are all traitors, against American's will

Carol Li says:

Shame on Biden and his people!

Obito HYFG Isme says:

USA citizens know this your grandpa don't go and die in Omaha Beach for gay rights he fight for your today and for your country he don't fight for communist like your Dems… Party

If you don't want Trump give him Indian citizenship we need a man like him no corruptions just a man of his word

Mashrur Ahnaf says:

Someone needs to send force to restore peace and democracy in USA
Bangladesh China 🇧🇩🇨🇳
From Bangladesh

Bruce David says:

Knock it off crybabies!
I`ve seen 6 year old children behave more mature and work out their differences better than these overpaid politicians.

Mohammad Yousuf says:

Trump is a good man

Frank Garcia says:

Has anyone been arrested for the summer riots, assaults and vandalism?

Culture Kings Boy says:

Of course the black speaker talk like a character from boondocks… wow

Enigma Man says:

Burning down the house? 1812 comes to mind🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Muhammad Ali says:

JFK when will the world see another JFK He is Iconic. He has the fabrics of a true Leader

bearsagainstevil says:

he didnt incite anything, they are trying to do this because they know they cheated and would win 2024

Victor Sbz says:

Incitement is nothing. Plotting is the word.

Gavin du Randt says:

Trump the Coward!

Joe Gotti says:

What’s the point of this if trump is about to leave office there’s thousands dieing from covid and this is what the democrats are doing only 5 people died in the riots not over 300 thousand like covid 19

Freedom of speech says:

Donald Trump speak one way and acts another way, This is very dangerous to United States and American people's, He doesn't respect US laws and writing constitution either, This is reality when you have uneducated leader never study history or do he's home works

Saddam Mughal says:

It is good for the world as we can give benefitting rply who they talk abt dictatorship, democracy, law & order

Louise Thompson says:

Nancy Pelosi has already been arrested by the Military. Where do you get your news from , AP ????

Xu Nguyen says:

Nancy u old witch go to jail soon

Louise Thompson says:

Your a bit late, the Insurrection Act has already been signed. It means diddly squat😉

Sassy Carter says:

Everything is a hoax except for the lies he makes up in his own head

Negative Ramos says:

Non starter

Delight Loves Movies says:

Its pathetic the way Pence brown noses Trump.

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