US delegation visits Taiwan as Beijing warns of military action against the island

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Former US Senator Chris Dodd, along with former deputy secretaries of state Richard Armitage and James Steinberg, arrived in Taiwan on April 14, 2021. The three-day visit was organised at the request of US President Joe Biden. Observers say Washington may use the unofficial visit to urge Taiwan to act prudently in its handling of cross-strait relations. The US visit has angered the Chinese mainland, and Beijing has warned of military action against the island which it considers a renegade province. The People’s Liberation Army announced it will hold live-fire drills in waters off the island’s southwest coast starting on April 15, the same day Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen met the US delegation.

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knessi ng says:

President Wen is a Gangsta Alpha Chadette, as you can see her Throwing them Bows with the US Delgates at 1:00.

R. A. says:

The war of Taiwan Reunification is coming. This is going to end bad for Tsai Ing Wen. The day China takes back Taiwan, she will be charged with treason.
Think twice, Miss Tsai. China will make you pay for you're doing. You don't want to die in cell, do you?

Vinh616 says:

The Chinese Civil War was never over. Time to take China back from the Communsit regime.

Hans Weissmann says:

Almost clown music…..

darlay jones says:

Please people remain calm. Those big boys (🇺🇸 / 🇨🇳) are only flexing their big muscles 💪. That's actually a very healthy thing for balance of power. That's the game of chess not checkers. So, go get your popcorn 🍿 and soda and enjoy the show ✌😎👍🤗

Simone de Silvestro says:

If China rising is really peaceful as it claims, it would have friends all over the world. Quit to be competitive in military and stop all defensive mode and naturally it becomes world power. Wrong move and much hypocrisy. Just look at Australia and New Zealand, who is going to attack them? Period

How So says:

I think US is just coordinated well with China to facilitate the reunification. US provide perfect excuses for the PLA to enter Taiwan

CésarDPD says:

if the future for Tw as part of mainland is the same of Hk…not thx….Let Tw to be free!!
One of the best countries Ive ever visited ever 😉

StevexNYCperformance says:

USA want a nuke hit like WTC 911

flying raihan says:

I don’t understand China’s logic about Taiwan. I mean you had civil war and both parties got their own territory, so what’s the problem?

LowerAgenda674 8 says:

What doesn't make china mad, such babies

TwoChopsticks77 says:

It’s sad because many mainlanders love Taiwan despite being brainwashing by the CCP to hate it and wished that China could be just like it. The actions of a government run by bitter old men do not represent the people as a majority imo.

S Quantum says:

Xi will visit N.K. in 3 days, discussing about nuclear weapon support project.

lola lolo says:

I hate Chinese but I Love Jacky Chan hehe..

Americanknow says:

The US has been agreeing that Taiwan is the part of China, but they flip it now. It is very common for them to change and break the agreement.

Pnoy_ arki says:

Retaliate by making panda curry 🍛

Peter Yang says:

Where's Trump?!

张麻子 says:

the USA is a paper tiger😅

NoCovid says:

It's only a matter of time until China goes for Taiwan with force.

A very dangerous and scary situation.

Tuga Tuga says:

All of them are Brotherwoods
No worries……The Meetings is
The Next Step to Damage the Economie and how to destroy
The Human Lifes .

Kennedy Ursua Official says:

China will be the death of small countries 😅

Bianca Neve says:

Did they buy any pineapples 🍍?

Charles Calixtus says:

LONG LIVE TAIWAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WoW Factor says:

China: 😡😡🤬🤬
the world: 😊😚😉

yogi yogi says:

joe , that jet wasted alot of fuel. couldnt they have done a zoom call

PJ Vis says:

Oh no, Beijing is being big mad, whatever will we do.


Miko Crazy says:

As a Chinese, we are a powerful country! China own the South China Sea! China is a strong country!!!

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