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US defence secretary wants to 'see Russia weakened' I AJ #shorts

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US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that the US wants to see “Russia weakened”, following a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy in Kyiv on Sunday.
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Claud Reindl says:

Another proxy war to pay for. Different from Iraq and Afghanistan, but the common denominator is taxpayers supporting our military industrial complex…with the associated kickbacks to key politicians. Zelenskyy is our puppet and the Ukraine is corrupt beyond belief.

Jarrod Yuki says:

japan will retake the kurils sakhalin and vladivostok south korea will take north korea.

Ms. Ihar Tsikhaniuk says:


Tom Peace says:

I would like to see the United States be a sovereign country

ackim michelo says:

Long live Ukraine, bravo USA

Shawn says:

US is out to destroy Russia. That is the entire purpose of the war. And they are Will to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood. Empire building.

health record says:

America, you suck. Rotten to the core. Corrupt cess pit. Sewer of the world. The big fat stinky bullie in the playground. Loathsome g'ment

Niaz Ahmad says:

Yes, we want to see all the oppressing countries like, Russia, US, Israel and such to weakened to such a degree.

Eleniki Jr says:

I Want to See Russia, China, & N Korea CRUMBLE & OUR WORLD/EARTH Become A Better & Safer Place To Live…

Patrick Johnson says:

I said when Russia started this war with Ukraine that it foolishly allowed itself to play in the hands of the West. Putin's brain is so dwarfed that he has soon forgotten what the great U.S.A. and its collaborators did to dismantle his former USSR. Well, by attacking Ukraine, he has just provided the West, led by the U.S, the alibi to deliver the coup de grace that will finish off once for all any semblance of power and world influence that Russia had left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That country is going to be completely stripped and subjugated so that it will NEVER again be a menace anywhere. Watch and see!

Yogami Light says:

Creating A War , Invading country ( for Oil , Gold and Natural resources ), giving weapons to Terrorist and selling Weapons to other Nations is a WAR Business of USA .

Mohammed Noorgat says:

Only USA must do as it pleases. That's the reason for them not being a signatory to icc

Claudia BBC says:

Really? Can you believe it?

Abdishakur says:

“We will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian” that’s is translation, mind you Russia is already controlling the territories of Ukraine that’s is the size of UK. They just took out all the railway system that was used transport foreign weapons. This war will end soon with Ukraine be a rump state that is only composed of western part with no access to the Black Sea.

Patti Griep says:

Ukraine hasn't even got their borders set LEGALLY! America wants to keep Ukraine sovereign and continue to kill the citizens of the Donbas region like they have been for the last 8 years with the help of CIA trained Nazis — they want to continued Child Trafficking, it's a massive $$$ making industry — they want to keep it a PEDOPHILE HAVEN (Brandon has/had a home and acreage there) — they want those BioLabs to continue doing experiments like 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' AND work on more viruses and chemical weapons like Aerosol Rabies —- THAT AND THEY, ALONG WITH NATO, WANT TO INVADE RUSSIA. THAT HAS BEEN ON THEIR "WISH LIST" FOREVER!

Karl Salomon says:

You use only Zelensky againts Russia, Your lucky to have him who valued money more than the life of Ukrainian,

Aiman Macasasa says:

What about the Palestine

Julian says:

oh the oh so great self apointed police of the world….whoops….corrupt police that start more wars than any other country in modern history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sohail Butt says:

A joker from Yankee land🃏🃏🃏🃏🤣🤣🤣

Jack Boesouwer says:

That was it there he said it, he said we are getting Russia tired to make it a lamb after the war in Ukraine. They will stay in the quagmire that Europe and the US set for him. 🤦‍♂️🇷🇺😔

Khan Omar says:

That was what US wanted from the beginning. They do not care about Ukrainian lives or any lives as for that matters. It was and is just a political move.

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