US, Britain and EU accuse China of sponsoring massive Microsoft email server hack

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The US, Britain, the EU and Nato have accused China of sponsoring a massive cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange email server discovered in early 2021. The US State Department said on July 19, 2021, that “cyber actors” had worked with China’s Ministry of State Security in the operation that Microsoft publicly disclosed in March after the company reportedly learned about the intrusion in January. Washington says the cyberespionage “indiscriminately compromised thousands of computers and networks, mostly belonging to private sector victims”.

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Wu Kim says:

Can a government make accusations without evidence? Like what US did to Iraq in 2003… So governments can unite to start the invasion or so called "fight back"??? 🤔

Ivan Do says:

Oh really, no early access to Windows 11? We will get it later, (hackers) making new key generator now. Haha.

MainDepth says:

It was most probably israel seeing that they have military grade spyware

Jag Singh says:

China is a peace love country and focuses its own development, but some US officials and news media are spreading hatred against it and painting it as evil for justifying an excuse to start a fight.

JauVms SuPE says:


YouTube deleted My Account LMAO says:

4 people was caught for this hack. And people in this comment having some brain damage or something

garald tao says:

If the U.S. weren't cowards, they will just tell their citizens that they desperately want to start a war with China!

Torbjørn Melbye says:

No evidence of course. Never any evidence. Just allegations

Flamesjing says:

fun fact, out of the US's 243 years of existence only 16 years were peaceful

Flamesjing says:

Next up

US, Britain, and Eu blame China for Alien invasion

rsxteufel says:

This so boredom cause like always the western countries always blame china but if this the case then show prove not speech. Since the cold War is over these western countries hide behind there so call righteous. They always think they defender of freedom. These western countries are nothing but empire..they have started more wars then any countries . How many time china been in war, who withdraw their troops in the middle east. Who started that war I wonder.

The Ming Warrior says:

Even if this was true, doesn't discourage the fact that Microsoft steals and sells information from people's accounts anyway to US goverment and companies

_신__LBL says:

Offffff that politicians are really something…..

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