US boosts bid to counter China's near monopoly of rare minerals

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They are little known to the general public, but rare earth minerals are literally the foundation stones of modern technology. There is increasing concern among world leaders about China’s virtual monopoly on these materials.
Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports.

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Ricardo Afonso says:

Golden Minerals gives you exposure

Donald Harlan says:

The current media based USA Government, likes claiming ownership of things that don't belong to them, making illegitimate business, selling things that do not belong to them, and buying things that actually aren't for sale. When I hear that they are going to invest in an industry, they would force an unrevealed company to sell stocks, or force a bunch of Government employees upon a company. Perhaps they need to be stopped ?

M_ore Fake_News says:

You been brain washed by west.

West have NOT and will NOT be able to contain 🇨🇳 and 🇷🇺.

giovanni gomez says:

The problem is if regulations are removed the environment and labor cost will be effected

Dennis Marfo says:

Venezuela is still being bullied by the U.S. and their allies in the name of economic sanctions.

crosstraffic says:

"Competitive nations that have hollowed out the industrial base and undermined our supply chain security". I'm sorry, who exactly did that? China didn't hold a gun to your head. US corporations did that, all facilitated by American politicians. Forming the "old fashion concept of cooperatives". Perhaps they should consult Marxist doctrine for advice. Geez, What's next? Central planning by gov't in the chip manufacturing… or state capitalism to counter China in Afrika? Oh wait…

Tom Drake says:

0_o Be a lil bit more discrete about it ya DF, because China fully plans on cutting them all off at or shortly before the onset of their plan to wage war against America & that's their ace in the hole buddy, so you may be inadvertently giving China an expedited launch date set before the time you can finish that very 'public knowledge' project! I miss the old days when bigmouths could go to prison or be executed for leaking intelligence to our enemies that they could easily use against us! Think before you speak on America's behalf before someone shoves a sock in it!

Mohmee Gaik says:

Price wise USA cannot compete with China. Or any products manufactured in China. So for USA to compete on this premis will lose out on price or quantity, speed.

Hrs Sehrawat. Jattitude says:

china rise fast…
china fall super fast….
china model fail due to its dictatorship.

Bawar Saeed says:

Lol bunch of propaganda right here. Pot calling the kettle black lol

Lodiana says:

al jazeera english cia paid fake american propaganda media :/

Hour Bee says:

America needs to relax their environmental regulations to free up their rare minerals.

Lodiana says:

cry america lol

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:

3D PRINTER TOO? Oops all made in CHINA again.. or endless mineral war to WATERS wars Marches on.
Food wars etc too. The list goes on & on & land theft expansion Marches on.

Dhanesh tk says:

Why sudden shift from Globalization and free trade to communism and self reliance?

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:

Poor occupied Indonesia/Malaysia NATIONS again. Endless crime against humanity islamophobic WILDLIFE environmental etc & land theft expansion Marches on .or both IMPERIALISM Marches on…

David Tao says:

The situation is analogous to semi-conductors. China trusted western countries and gave up the development. Now, China is suffering from this ill-decision.

AL Rizo says:

USA: I make a problem, and I try to fix it with the help of my puppets, I mean friends.

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:

Mineral wars Marches on… for eg LITHIUM ETC ANYONE.

Cristina Ximera says:

The cause of your calamities was the mutual reinforcement of Deng Xiaoping Reforms and Reaganomics, manifesting for you as a massive de-industrialization event. Now you are complaining about China … or in oter words, you are experiencing what Hegel called dialectics of master and slave (eventually the slave surpasses the master). We told you! You didn't listen. And now look at yourselves.

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:

Lol its belong to CHINA simply.
NAZI'S OR INFIDELS is lecture about itself again.. or stolen all the resources rich MINERALS deposits GOLD etc & land theft expansion f.

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:


Cerberus 3 head dogs says:

JUNKIES weaponized electric BATTERIES powered etc too? Aka LITHIUM ANYONE.. .

Cerberus 3 head dogs says:


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