UK, France send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing rights row

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French and British naval ships have left waters near the island of Jersey, after a major dispute over fishing rights escalated rapidly.
And it is mostly due to Brexit.
At issue are new licenses that the island, which is part of the British Isles, imposed last week.
French fishermen say the rules make it harder for them to operate in waters they have worked in for generations.
Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler has been there.
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video village says:

Support UK.. from pakistan

S C says:

Greece Turkey 2 😀

My Youtube says:

I fully support the right of Britain to fish there and i also support France to have full access to the fishing areas, they both should fight for their rights, I am very concerned about the living situation of fishermen.

Fabrice Reims says:

Prepare the Exocets the Rafales and the Katiusha Macron. Brits
need a behavioural lesson it seems

john palmer says:

California da. Sold the boats to Asia after the 90s weed sting. No fishing boats in California now China owns California everyone tried to buy the boats back without engines they were towed to Asia

tian tong says:

China should send more than 7 warships to support France there

edrgr says:

Repel French aggression from British waters.

S R says:

UK caused too many regional conflicts around the world from its atrocious colonial history

joselo 3112 says:

So the time has come when the entire world is on a brink of war

Enissay says:

Abide by laws, respect your quotas and stop savage fishing… Oh, and stop whining, if you're not happy, go fish elsewhere 🤷

Styxhexenhammer666 says:

Attack one anothers' vessels and let the strong lay claim.

Jiten Mehra says:

White people fight

ZAK 89 says:

We're out of Eurozone!!! Stupid People you know this was coming!!, 🤦🏽‍♂️😡🤷🏽‍♂️

#TruthTellingVandalsT4 #MHintoSDG3 #BryanWalker says:

Tories oven ready deal burning……

Jon says:

this area should belong to france.
what england did to france is just like china did to us in WFS .
We Filipino stand with French people against invaders.

Bashir Mohamed says:

What a hypocrite what a double standard French an English what did they carry people right

74th Artillery says:

So when will the war started?

Asaye Worku says:

Both should fight

Nelson Wood says:

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