Trump meets with National Association of Police Organization Leadership

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President Trump met with the National Association of Police Organization Leadership on Friday morning. #FoxBusiness

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Evelyn Jackson says:

I am glad you gave the Men and Women in Blue a voice…The people cannot hear their cries due to media and Dems.

Willam Tafaro says:


merv wall says:

No disrespect to the New York police. However do you remember when the brave officers of The ROYAL ULSTER CONSTABULARY were being butchered by the scum of the Ira etc in Northern Ireland and the Irish American lobby in NYPD were supporting these terrorist scum by sending funds over to the ira to buy Semtex and ak47’s and rocket launchers etc? How the tide has turned. Now before you all dirty your under pants I support your President for standing up to these scum bags. I fully support all police officers in the USA. PLEASE KEEP SAFE. I KNOW ALL THE LIES AND THE CRAP THAT IS BEING PUT FORWARD BY THE DEMOCRATS. It would be nice to see some reaction from those police that supported the ira in Northern Ireland how you feel now that you are going through similar but less lethal attacks on the police now?

Jamie Dixon says:

My left ear loves this president

Paul Cormier says:

too bad the cops there dont arrest the media on the spot

Teresa B says:

I hope the Feds arrested some Antifascists and foreign agitators being paid by Soros et al.

Paul Cormier says:

ban press corps let me ask the questions let common citizens ask them

Nothing Meek says:

I'LL TAKE IT! HIRE ME! MAGA 2020 ✝️🇺🇸❤️

Paul Cormier says:


Tanya Allison says:

Trump is a disgrace to the human race 👽

trine 3 says:

Should have brought up police CORRUPTION should have done it sorry should have done it

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