Trump Interview DELETED By Fox News Because it was so TERRIBLE

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Donald Trump met with Fox News and Fox Business which was typically full of his antics. But the interview has been deleted off every social media site, and largely hidden. This is a sign Fox is ashamed of Trump

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Christo Aivalis says:

It took me FOREVER to find this interview; Fox didn't want people to find it…

perfectionbox says:

Ever have an older relative who tells the same story over and over each time you meet? Trump is like that.

perfectionbox says:

Fox should just replace all of Trump's big lie stuff with the standard bleep noises, he'd go ballastic 🤣

David Berrios says:

Fox has learned that even Trump's Lies are LIES. 😎

Myra Jefferson says:

Who knows if he’ll even be alive in 2024?

Jonathan Fox says:

Please stop the click bait!!!

tom ronollo says:

Christo- great observation as to absence of Trump interview. at specific media levels thank you

bones007able says:

No matter what Murdoch is a business man first.. like trump, when you become no longer useful they leave you in the dust and look for the next opportunity

Geoffrey Dunsmore says:

If Fox was actually decent, they wouldn’t have had the interview with him in the first place.

Jason Cadier says:

What do you keep looking at to your upper left?

Mk Rana says:


Máire Walton says:

No one is less important than the toddler… he is the least important excuse for a human on the planet.

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