Trump, Biden debate in final face-off of 2020 presidential election | Full

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President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden face off in a debate moderated by NBC News’ Kristen Welker.

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Jorrit Houweling says:

Beautiful moments:

2:32:06 (background)
2:37:33 strange silence

Greetings and love from The Netherlands. "Hairy legs!!" Trump2020

MemMori says:


Michael Jefferson says:

BIDENHARRIS2020!!!!! Get trump the out of office fast.. HES A LIER, A CON, AND HES TRASH!!!!! Get ready for PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!

Ernie Lembach says:

Your a fascist Joe. Who is that Kik guy you took a picture with … Your buddy what's his name

zx says:

Fathers, don't let your sons become Hunter Biden.

One Punch Man says:

Democrat’s are pieces of 💩

Mei - Roman Rupp von says:

Slide clips to delete themSlide clips to delete themSlide clips to delete themSlide clips to delete themText you copy will automatically show here

Glenn Price says:

This 500 + kids question is a made-up question just for Joe Biden let me tell you they probably came over and don't have their parents with them it's probably exactly what President Trump said on this situation

Kenneth Hart says:

If Trump wins America will be doomed

jmj says:

She always cuts trump off when he speaks about Biden’s family

computerdynamo says:

2:37:30 Why Joe Biden wasn’t able to submit his homework assignment on time.

Safta Bracha says:

First of all on purpose she is not giving Trump a chance in hell she keeps blocking Trump.

luvtiti says:

I tried to figure out what policy and plan Trump had, I tried man..

BANDIT Grizzy says:

Lmao Biden is against and did say he will abolish fracking … it is recorded right along with Harris.

Gauge N GO TM says:

The moderator dismisses all the claims against Joe and changes the subject each time.

Explain to me this Joe, how are there just so many coincidences surrounding your families dealings aboad of all places.

What about this Macbook?

Cooking Kelly says:

And he is racist

Anne Buchanan says:

Joe said he will sell us out to China

Cooking Kelly says:

I cant believe anything that comes out of his mouth

Robert says:

Can’t believe I’m part of the same species as some of the people in this comment section.

Indraneel More says:

You can see trumps potential when he talks money.

Covid20-Terminator Team678 says:

Biden is fukerphobic… waffling on the Chinese in Wuhan… the question is how do you trust the CCP.? Trump did the defense act.. and he has done so much.. This Biden PRICK is again more waffling…..

Cheesy Mac n Cheese says:

Asks intense loaded question about nuclear war with North Korea… "You have 30 seconds"

Jennifer Helms Noyes says:

Joe Biden: " All you teachers out there are not going to die so don't worry about it. C'mon."

TheDigitalPillars says:

Americans know when they are being lied to. Vote Trump to put CNN/MSM out of business and maybe one day get the truth back in the media.

jnavahoe says:

this election is sketchy

Mekaloone Vorachack says:

Give joe more time. He buries himself. 🤣

Wallace Booth says:

Biden is a complete liar and Moron!

Hunter1488 says:

funny how when joes gets excited he loses his thoughts and his speech get all jumbled up. sit down ol boy👎😵😵

Joel McLaughlin says:

Biden totally got the questions

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