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Trending in China: Man’s incredible tricking skills go viral online

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A 24-year-old man attracted fans online for his incredible tricking skills. The stunt coach can flip and twist in a single jump, and flip up to 16 times in a row. That, and more trending videos from China this week.


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Muhiyadin Ahmad says:

Hahhhh its nothing special…yoyyyy bustard kominist

Angel H says:

Chinese people are freaking amazing!!!!! Huge respect 💜💜💜

Manikanta Ponnayya says:

I love china… From.india..

Xhrono Time says:

Respect+ for granny

Comville Nats says:

Beware of the following Chines🇨🇳 words:
– "descendents of Dragons",
– "Chjnese blood", 
– "Chjnese root",
– "Ancestors",
– "Patriotic Chjnese",
– "Traitors",
– "China motherland",
– "Belongs to China",
– "1.4 billion Chjnese",
– "China's internal affair",
– "Inseparable part of China",
– "Since ancient times".
The Chinese regime is using these words to recklessly MANIPULATE & CONTROL other people.

Syed Zain Hyder says:

Palki Sharma from WION News India: Chinese communist talent is making me jealous. I was already in agony because of China's rise and now the everyday videos of Chinese talent is making me crazy. I wish my husband was a Chinese (but not a Communist one).

lani YasmiDebo says:

Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

a od last says:

Last time I was this early the baby wasn't even born

Zhin Null says:

China is basically an internet-star factory

mizzypoo says:

The old Lady doing extremely hard exercise is a Young girl in a grey wig & is heavily made to look old..??? 😂🤣

Nonsense music says:

Amazing trends China has

ellianenne says:

im watching this

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