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Tickets to Beijing Winter Olympics will not be sold to public amid Omicron fears

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The Beijing 2022 Olympic Committee announced on January 17, 2022, that tickets to watch the Winter Games will not be sold to the public. The decision comes less than three weeks before the Games’ opening as China battles Covid-19 outbreaks. Sporadic outbreaks have spread to cities including Xian, Shenzhen and Tianjin, which is near to Beijing. On January 15, Beijing reported its first case of the Omicron coronavirus variant.


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Samuel Samuel says:

World allies countries against hoping for Chinese 2022 Olympic games just imagine Chinese

Zero says:

Garbage countrie hold a garbage event

ShiJie 12311 says:

So from what I understand, there ARE still tickets being sold.

Fu ck says:

Welcome back to your ancestors home town where your ancestors are born in Wuhan.

Leyleh Adoris says:

Face is more important to China than the Omnicron varaint threat.

Shahzada Zulfiqar says:

The Idea Of Human Cheer Is Being Buried By This Concept Of Not Selling Tickets To Public, Allowed To Cancel The WinterOlympics2022.
Humanity & Mankind Must Be At 1st.

GapYear says:

Bad time to be a professional athlete

KING WANI👑 says:

B.s you gave us corona. I hope it gets canceled.

C K says:

waste of finance and resources

c liu says:


WarriorOf LightXz says:

it actually big lost to china as they won,t earn any income with no tourist or country sensory

Mubashar Ali says:

i think next super power china should ban all other things to avoid covid 19 even exports because its the right time to get rid of these things and its already packed itself from foreigner students who are studying in super power china.

Shashibhushan Vishwakarma says:

Olympic is just a fake fame show. There is no fun without cheering crowd with thier families supporting them.
Rich nations are hard to put their national fame without bothering billions of loses. Where lower gdp would think thrice before hosting such sporting events.

Winston S says:

Weird…i thought tickets for such international sports event are sold sold long time ago…🤔🙄

Anton Wijaya says:

Really wise decision only China can do this, because China has 1.4B population already more than enough, no need foreigner tourist.

Yaxley says:

The Olympics are a huge waste of money

sunsetwarrior says:

Human has been through thousands of epidemics and pandemics, now the entire world has to stop down for YEARS… what kind of idiots are our leaders.

Tang T says:

More outbreaks of corruption and showoff time for those well connected

Edward V says:

The prison fence is a great decor for the Olympics!

gallaxian says:

No worries. I won’t be watching remotely either. I suggest others do the same.

gamer forever says:

What do you expect from a Third World country, who couldn't even keep COVID-19 contained in Wuhan or even the country? Oh, wait does that mean their government is a pathetic joke, Kinda like why Chernobyl happened. Because useless tools had power in their jobs with the government, so they lied to save their selves; So does that mean the rest of the world should send poo xi the medical and funeral expenses for COVID-19? Can't use logic, because of a new guy will be this century guy with a big army, but minus the funny mustache?

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