This Chinese barber uses a hot iron bar to ‘cut’ hair

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A barber in China’s Hubei province has been using a hot iron bar to trim his customers’ hair for more than 70 years.

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Maria Mcglincheu says:

Thank you… Very unusual well done grandpa for keeping this unique tradition…

Mr. Chu says:

What happened if customer asking for bald hairstyle? 😂

Aniruddha Ruke says:

This should be in a Star Wars movie.

OrdinarMan says:

I was holding my ear the whole time watching this 😱

SweetMangø _Høney says:

It's better than those nasty scissor which produce spits end in ur hair..AHH I love the method by using hot iron❤

더러운튜브 says:

every kinds of idiots gather in china. so uhan virus was started. we korean maxim . no bargain with chinese.

A little bit of Flexter says:


Malik Muhammad Usman Awan says:


Morrison X says:

Did he just say wuhan?

-High Minds- says:

Honestly I can't even imagine how bad that smells

Irwin Crook says:

One wrong move and he will be shaping your brain next

Jared Oldhouser says:

Bet it stinks in there…..

VPstVids says:

Bruh in India, they use actual fire to cut hair

boiled potato says:

Scissors were invented in 1867.

People before 1867:

Ananya Bahukhandi says:

Up next : meet the barber who cuts the hair by cutting customer head

Ashish Nikam says:

my life has become like that comb. Alive but no use

Evorty says:

He is barberque

Rohit says:

Medieval Barber

epicrite 6gaming says:

Just realised Chinese ppl have been wearing masks to wuhan for years

Empress E says:

He reminds me of grandpa 😭

L A says:

I really love chinese culture.soo this is great. Ni shi tai li haile ni(yindu).

Maxelus Bawark says:

Imagine if he also es carving (outline)

tom bill says:

In respectful way.
I would never tried it😰

Nautilus says:

I can already smell that burnt hair

Lance says:

well i dont wanna go bald

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