The road to Olympic gold for Hong Kong’s unassuming fencing hero, Edgar Cheung Ka-long

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Edgar Cheung Ka-long has given Hong Kong only its second Olympic gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Cheung’s individual men’s singles fencing victory on July 26, 2021, came 25 years after windsurfing champion Lee Lai-shan won Hong Kong’s first gold medal in 1996, a year before Cheung was born. Described as an unassuming but dedicated foil athlete, the newly crowned gold medallist had long dreamed of competing among the world’s elite in the sport.


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梁科論 says:

CONGRATS to Edgar Cheung Ka-long! For Hong Kong! (NOT China btw, there's a difference)

HK =/= Chinese

梁科論 says:

CONGRATS to Edgar Cheung Ka-long! For Hong Kong! (NOT China btw, there's a difference)

HK =/= Chinese

張三 says:


Jason Pettit says:

Congratulations to you sir,well played I'm sure,well played…

Paper Cat says:

The Chinese are proud of him

HotBBQPorkBun says:

Huge Congrats to Cheung Ka-Long 🇭🇰!!! LET’S GO!!! Pile up your likes on this comment!!!

Religious Facts says:

Congrats love from 🇵🇰

Adik Axl says:

"Learning from mistakes makes you mature and learning from other people's experiences makes you wise"

Yoke Sim Tan says:

Congratulations Mr Cheung 👏👏👍

Gerjaison says:

Very well done.

tony cheung says:

The Tvb reporter is very interesting

Ka Kiu Kung says:


Panzer Meyer says:

Lau Ka-long 👏

Anupriya Veda says:

Lots of love to Hong Kong, you guys are literally defying all odds. From India🇮🇳

Mister Big says:

Did he sing "Glory to Hong Kong" or "March of the Volunteers" in Tokyo?

megadisc1982 says:

Congratulations China 🏸

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