The Left's Lockstep Pseudo-Intellectualism with Dennis Prager pt. 2

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Outdoor Man says:

Well if your republican you'll soon not be able to shop at Wal-Mart

ynical says:

It's not brainwashing its mind control, there is a big difference

Cotton Farmer says:

Get the toddlers off of this network, please!

Wizard of Frobozz says:

but OAN isn't propaganda ?

Bridget Engle says:

Dan Ball, Living in the burbs of Mpls all last summer we were told the mobs were coming to the burbs. We lived in fear and still do. If mobs want to storm the capitol? I don’t care if they do. I say go to every demokkkrats house, every left wing media liar, and bullhorn or McClosky their houses until they know how it feels!!! Let them know we will cheat next time and they will never win another election. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!

C Flavourz says:

So geniuses… when are we next storming the capitol?

Timothy Van Der Schultzen says:

The GOP is sick. Liberalism is the cure.

Illusionary says:

Depends on the Christian University . My dad who was a Evangelist called them Cemeteries as they had removed the basic principles of Faith & had adopted a pseudo science base removing the Holy Ghost out of the equation & that he started saying in the 60's ! Dont believe they have gotten any better

James Miller says:

Let's get this straight: term "snitch" = the former Soviet Russian "denounce" !!

Remy4489 says:

Make good choices at the voting box?? Well obviously that doesn't work anymore, so let's at least stop pretending that it does… Thanks!

Alexander F says:

Trump is a traitor. Supporting him makes you complicit in treason against our democratic republic. Our elections are free and fair

No Me says:

This how California did away with their freedom. I say no tax for stolen governments.

Ivan T says:

Hey NAZIS how are ya ? Planing new final solution ? 😂😂😂

Victor K. says:

At least 10million died during the holodomor the Ukrainan genocide

Hope Free says:

From Wikkipedia in ref to Orwell's 1984: The Ministry of Truth controls information: news, entertainment, education, and the arts. Winston Smith works in the Records Department, "rectifying" historical records to accord with Big Brother's current pronouncements so that everything the Party says appears to be true

Hope Free says:

Orwell's 1984 Doublethink is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to accept a clearly false statement as the truth, or to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct

Frank T says:

I think the new normal is Trump supporters making up stories and conspiracy theories about everything that doesn't go their way.

Liberty or Death says:

Just stop wearing masks and go to work. The government can’t arrest everyone.

Sean Balme says:

I think a better title is this…" Pseudo-Intellectualism with Dennis Prager"

Titus 3 says:

Pathetic liars, The Soviets? The Bolshevik revolution, The French revolution of 1789? You are illiterate. come on, read! before it's all gone.

Lefty Kneelers says:

Okay who is this guy? Give up his name he's intelligent oan is fake news 2.0

YES TV says:

The Left will push our country into communism. We cannot let that happen! MAGA!

Eduardo Martinez says:

Everyone in this comment section needs psychological help….seriously. Go get mental health services, you're brainwashed.

Dennis Michael MC says:

Only buy American , Turn off big tech, Americans Fight back 🇺🇸 Now is the time

George Lux says:

Denis Prager has a near monopoly on pseudo intellectualism.

Stublu2 says:

Christian Universities are now also being infiltrated by CRT unfortunately also.

Silly Boy says:

This is a Trump Propaganda channel, every one should be reporting it.

Flowericious Resident says:

"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear" ~Bruce Lee

Cat of the Castle says:

Two big creeps who think they’re relevant! They’re just liars!

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