The Ingraham Angle 4/15/21 | FOX BREAKING NEWS April 15,21

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The Ingraham Angle 4/15/21
The Ingraham Angle cuts through the Washington chatter speaking directly with unexpected voices and the actual people who are iacted by the news of the day.
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William Williams says:

Tennessee's wide open schools are open Florida's wide open schools are open I mean what's going on people North Dakota is wide open schools are open South Dakota is open people are going to school kids are going to school people are going to work going out to eat

Adele Borg says:

Biden America is back ! Biden is going backwards, I listen more on what goes on in America than 🇦🇺, he has infected the world

Kristina Haugen says:

Original sin! It’s Adam& Eve’s faults! Look at the world and the crime against the universal laws; hatred, blaming others instead of oneself, greed, war, nuclear war, cyber war, cancel culture, Bigh Tech omnipotens, cheat and Election fraud, lying, rioting, looting and murder. Racism is as given as any of these; ask the Jewish people! All races are against them including Antifa and BLM.Antisemitism is the original sin!

Troy Vincent says:

If they want to get past racism perhaps they should take a long hard look in the damn mirror. Watching Kerry negotiate with China is on an equal footing with sending Bozo the clown to negotiate with Genghis Kahn. Hey Kerry you moron it’s not Jenghis. It’s Genghis. Where do we get all these absolute Fktards in Congress from? Are they all completely Stupid? Most of them can’t even speak a coherent sentence without stuttering or saying something absolutely inane.

William Williams says:

Yeah be like Jim Jordan and Taylor green and Matt Gates

Perfect Storm says:

Modern Day Slaves on the
American democrat plantation

William Williams says:

I don't know how CNN MSNBC and all these other fake news stay in business it's a damn shame

Phil Greenfield says:

What’s happened to the TREASON LAWS??

Perfect Storm says:

They want everyone vaccinated, so every time they tell you line up, and you don't they can say we have a pesidence for obediance to take your medicine as we tell you, when we tell you, or you will be punished…

brian says:

We are close to loosing our 2/A or actually having them taken away. By globalist suck ups. Who are destroying every part of our government with woke socialist propaganda. Why didn't the fbi stop soros years ago? This is the take a knee fbi and the rest of the alphabet bureaucracy groups have all become partisan hacks who hate the constitution.

Guy Barnes says:

John Kerry is just about as bad as Hanoi Jane. Yes, we the Vietnam era veterans are embarrassed by John Kerry.

Wallace Hughes says:

Bow to the SWAMP…..

Perfect Storm says:

You'll never get your right's back you have to take them back, you let them take them…

Leslie Spence says:

American is wack rn because of this clown

Guy Barnes says:

Until we have a government that holds China and Mexico city to fix their pollution problems we have no real representation in our country.

Perfect Storm says:

Fuck those shots, take a shot, or stay locked down their freedom choices from the tyrannical government…

Betty Alford says:

Getting a vaccination is Russian roulette, I wish you luck

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