The Five 1/12/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 12,21

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The Five 1/12/21
Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Juan Williams
The team discusses the latest issues in news
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Lee Henry zadroga says:

Biden can't tell Nancy what to do .she the boss of all of them ..Nancy says jump they ask how high.

Willy Kamahele says:

Not dems or reps in the corner. No…not them…hahahahahaaaa…

dave Brucher says:

Juan is getting hard to listen to. His liberal streak is a mile wide.

Clint Howe says:

Come on Juan, you are attributing motives and directives to the president that aren’t true, he’s not telling people to “go get those people you disagree with” Once again! Trumps words aren’t what makes us angry, your words, are what makes us angry, I don’t mean you personally, but Democrat rhetoric. Trumps words are for your ears not ours, to let you know that your words and actions are hurting conservatives and stirring resentment, and they were doing so long before the election. If you wish to alienate Republican/Conservative voters even more than you already have, just continue to persecute them for the crime of being “Deplorable Trump Supporters” sir, I am offended. We already had one civil war over a failure to communicate and understand one another, we don’t need another one, but to avoid it we are going to have to be willing to talk, and willing to disagree, and still respect each other in spite of our differences, right now many on the Republican side, don’t feel respected, and we’re not demanding that you bow down and kiss our feet, just treat us as neighbors and friends, not as racist white

M Kinsella says:

Trump is NOT above the law.

Dean Holness says:

His followers hear the truth Juan!!
Just go work for CNN already! Plank

Jayson Otsuka says:

Tell Juan what about all the riots before and all the destruction to people's fucken business one sided mind

Andre Nazario says:

#thefive Juan what are you saying

Keith Matthews says:

I got news for you, our kids weren't learning anything in school before they shut them down.

Cheryl Faulkner says:

Juan needs to be taken off the air – he is delusional

David Laeson says:

When did he tell anyone to storm the capital?

i am says:

No one entity has a greater capability of further dividing this country than the left. Sleepyjoe and kamaltoe will force us to be united…or we will be imprisoned.
…at least we will 3 hots and cot….

Steve Hev says:

They hate when Juan spews the truth so they all try to talk over him they panic LOLLOLLOLLOL

Josefina Lin says:

When Juan speaks, I mute my device! Is he lying or simply so brainwashed or an idiot?!

Anthony Gentili says:

Peace and Security!!!!!!!

cwhy harris says:

I turn the volume all the way down when Juan is speaking and I don't read lips. I really can't see where he gets his logic.

Latino Heat Venezuela says:

A country of law that doesn't apply the same.

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