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Teenagers in India queue to get vaccinated as Omicron fears grow

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Teenagers across India have been queuing to get their first Covid-19 jabs after the government extended its vaccination programme to those aged 15-18 on January 3, 2022. It comes as cities start tightening restrictions as fears grow of a surge in infections from the Omicron variant. With cases on the rise, officials want to avoid a similar outbreak to the one that ravaged the country last spring. So far, the country has administered over 1.4 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines, but just less than half the country is fully inoculated.


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Recycle Bin says:

Garbage vaccines

Free Khalistan says:

Q: Do you know which country wants to go to space to challenge China despite having no toilets here on earth?

Free Khalistan says:

Q: Do you know which G20 country has the lowest GDP per capita with standards of living lower than most Sub-Saharan African countries?

Free Khalistan says:

Q: Do you know which G20 country is also at No.101 in the World Hunger Index?

Free Khalistan says:

Population 2020:
China = 1,428 million
India = 1,389 million

Grain production 2020 in million metric tons:
China = 678
India = 312

Free Khalistan says:

GDP per capita 1970:
India = $380
China = $320

GDP per capita 2020:
China = $11,800
India = $1,950

Free Khalistan says:

High Speed rail tracks 2000:
India = 0 km
China = 0 km

High Speed rail tracks 2020:
China = 37,000 km
India = 0 km

Free Khalistan says:

Country of origin with the highest number of economic migrants (United Nations' 2018 report)
1. India 👈
2. Mexico
3. Nigeria 
4. Syria
5. Philippines

Free Khalistan says:

HDI in Asia:
Hong Kong = 0.949
Singapore = 0.938
China = 0.861
Malaysia = 0.815
Thailand = 0.777
Indonesia = 0.716
Philippines = 0.703
India = 0.605👈

Free Khalistan says:

Which country has an "Act East Policy" to counter China in South East Asia and acted by running away from ASEAN's RCEP?

Free Khalistan says:

In India,
2G + 3G = 5G

Free Khalistan says:

Countries with the most number of cities with 5G coverage (WTO 2021):
1. China (376)
2. USA (284)
3. Philippines (95)
4. South Korea (85)
5. Canada (81)
6. Finland (72)
7. Spain (68)
8. Italy (60)

*There are currently no 5G services in India, so sorry. As per the Indian Parliamentary Panel Report on 5G in India, the country is only ready for its launch as early as 2025 and as late as 2035, depending on how many trips Indians make to the temple to pray for it

Free Khalistan says:

Public Debt to GDP ratio of major world economies:
1. USA = 108%
2. China = 54%
3. Japan = 256%
4. Germany = 59%
5. UK = 85%
6. France = 89%
7. India = 97%👈

wendell patiño jr. says:

What a 3rd world country 😏 lol

Free Khalistan says:

Unemployment rates of Asian countries (World Bank 2021):
1. Thailand = 2.2%
2. Singapore = 2.6%
3. Japan = 2.7%
4. China = 2.8%
5. Vietnam = 3.7%
6. Taipei = 3.9%
7. Malaysia = 4.5%
8. Sri Lanka = 5.1%
9. Indonesia = 6.5%
10. India = 8.9%👈

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Modi with President Xi in Wuhan 2018..

Modi: Do you know those who eat with their hands are the smartest people on earth and those who use utensils are the not so smart ones?
Xi: Very interesting..

Xi later told his aide to prepare hotpot for his state dinner with Modi

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Xi: We need to export more
Modi: We buy we buy

Putin: We need to export our weapons more
Modi:  We buy we buy

Trump: There would be retaliations for India's ban on exports of HCQ
Modi: We sell we sell

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