‘Taiga, mountains, fresh air’ | Putin and Shoigu go fishing in Siberia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu went on a break to one of the regions of Siberia. Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said the politicians’ recreation program included ‘taiga, mountains, walks, fresh air.’

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Mr Mikey says:

He caught a Grayling.

Sharko Channel says:

Wow this makes sleepy joe look like a clown. Joe is eating unhealthy ice cream pandering to leftists in usa meanwhile Putin's enjoying nature like a real leader

Anaghh Chetia says:

Its ironic that commumist socialist influence still runs in Russia and Landlordship in Russia is treated by the society with suspicion and the situation is such that Putin and Russians can only camp in vaste areas- not own them as landlord

Vimal Prasad says:

And that's for dinner

Vimal Prasad says:

And that's for dinner

Venkat Ramana Koduri says:


Danish Afridi says:

Beautiful journey in taiga 🐯

volkan aldar says:

PLOT: There is an enemy GI Joe lurking around, that is why they are whispering… It's his birthday and they want to catch him by surprise !

Barry Walsh says:

Is he going to ride bare-chested on a white horse? Vladimir, Xi Jinping call, "China demands her Russia-occupied territory be returned to the motherland".

Bob Beane says:

I would go trout fishing with Putin and show him my secret spots here in Western Massachusetts USA! What a great President!

Steve Stecenko says:

Nice catch, good on you President Putin😁🎣🐟, I hope you and Mr. Shoigu enjoyed your trip, looks like God's Country.Trips like this into this kind of beautiful country are the best way to renew the Soul and appreciate Nature. I'd absolutely love to fish, hike and prospect, explore in Siberia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Amur River region, see these regions amazing natural wonders.

Tarun Singh shekhawat says:

While Biden sleeping in White House.

Tysolo Blaec says:

Just imagine the Tiaga runs uninterrupted (except at rivers) from eastern Siberia to northern Scandinavia; I consider that more unexplored terrain than the Amazon by a huge margin

Romão Baggio Júnior says:

Governante mais competente da atualidade. Maior estadista do início do século. Com putin a Rússia vai longe.

Giorgio Brandolini says:


enginekid88 says:

Putin vs Biden…imagine Biden walkin around with them on that mountain. Drooling on himself.

Lord, have mercy on me. says:

This man loves life. Our technocrat presidents love death.

I'm only A Human says:

The terraint is good…

It should be a place were so many tank and infantry collapse…

Nothing 9million says:

Don’t like Putin but you have to have respect for the man.

A Swedish Gopnik says:

A Real President! Doing something healthy instead of going to Delaware and eating ice cream every weekend! 🇷🇺 🤝 🇺🇸

Gustaf Liljegren says:

Please stay there in the taiga, Putin. Don't meddle with politics, which is too big for you anyway. If you can't win an election without cheating, it's not for you.

Khải Phạm Bá says:

Imagine being the president of the largest country on Earth, able to serve the people and bring back the position of a powerful nation, while still having time to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and nature it offers. If that's not the definition of 'success', I don't know what is.

TheHikuky says:

My idea of walking about and vacations. Camping and not snow ,good fortune … 😂😂😂👍

Malamute Man says:

Never see any WESTERN SO CALLED LEADER elitist doing this

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