State of emergency in Malaysia as country fights third wave of Covid-19 with fresh lockdown

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Malaysia’s King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah declared a state of emergency across the country on January 12, 2021, in a bid to fight a third wave of coronavirus infections. The announcement came a day after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had announced new lockdown measures. What does the new situation entail?

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Blue Helvetical says:

I am not ready for MCO 2.0 honestly.

Ramesh Hansa Ravendra says:

If number of cases increase during lockdown, doesn't this show that lockdowns aren't working?

Lenovo Lenovo says:

Malaysian n Malaysian politicians r jelous why India, Indonesia n China have more cases n fatalities number.honestly Malaysia always wanted to be no.1 in everything or they need international not let them down,I wished their ambitions to be No1 higher of cases n fatalities in Asia to be granted….

SF Chong says:

Emergency to parliament

Patrick Kaiser Liew says:

At least someone would have peace of mind for another 8 months…….

Victoria Amber Rigeria says:

Karma 🤦🏻‍♀️

Arsyad Lazim says:

Bayangkn kalau pru buat lgi skali….apa jadi kat kes covid…hayyaaaa

Albert Hou says:

2:38 stay away 1 meter distance. Using eye contact with signal.
Cameraman:apa lanjiaooooo

Faridwajdi Ishak says:

Most of Malaysian kept blaming the minister… It's true, they're the reason why this pandemic has gotten worse but isn't it also our own fault for not following the SOP? After the government has ended the quarintine, most Malaysian went to vacation and don't care about the pandemic. Just wanna say that most Malaysian needs to get rid of their ignorant and stop blaming on other people.

Calem MrNazreenn says:

people dont follow sop always follow…same from politik lah..memang kena PKP,for me i stay at home playing game do other activities stuff,while mine salary go on while i at home..klu kena kerja lain mmg confirm xbayar,aku kerja company bayar gaji aku tapi sikitlah

Jk. Wong says:

As a Malaysian, agree with the red shirt delivery worker. Ultimately, it is all about politics.

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