Smart collar expresses how your pets are feeling

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A South Korean start-up developed a dog collar that can tell owners how their pets are feeling. With a database of more than 10,000 samples gathered from 50 breeds of dogs, the device can detect five emotions of the canines by analysing their barks.

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Vanesa Toporcerova says:

It was on Slovak news today too hehe I'm proud of Koreans, they're very smart❤️

Comrad Civil says:

This device will sell well in China🇨🇳 to detect how the Chinese feel about the totalitarian surveillance very-corrupt Chinese regime.

Poisonboii ;0; says:

That must be so cool to have :0

badhabit says:

Every Husband should get one for his wife.

time control says:

now they are spying dogs

S.H.A .L.U.U says:

Cat onwers :👁👄👁

「 Vanilla Beanz 」 says:

I have not been this early to a video before-

B W says:

They literally said they are recording voices inside your house and sending it to a server. Nope nothing suspicious there.

Grv Gpt says:

Imagine if there was this same collar for humans as well.
I –

Mora Turner says:

Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Jo J says:

Idk what if the dogs don’t bark but showing emotion. what is the use

Delauria Terrell says:

How many are watching this even tho they don't have a dog lol

Viola Jackson says:

Ninety-percent of the time it would read Hungry.

Taniks The Scarred says:

If you hear barking in your neighborhood the dog is arguing about politics

Steven Donald says:

Another tracking device. No thanks.

Daniel Yang says:

Wow i've never been tHiS eARlY

Marionette Hannah says:

Wow, we’re evolving-

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