Seven students achieve perfect scores in Hong Kong's university entrance exams

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Hong Kong secondary school students received the results of their university entrance exams on July 21, 2021. Seven of the 49,976 students who sat this year’s Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exams achieved perfect scores. This is the first year the test results were sent to students via SMS.

(Photo: SCMP/May Tse)

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7 Hong Kong students achieve perfect scores for university entrance exams

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Homie Champion says:

Because hk youth are loosers, busy rioting sabotage its own city!

Kd Jers says:

Asian people did something perfectly what's new?

ARAV says:

Those who didn't succeed don't worry. You will be multi millionaire

Roshini raza says:

Congratulations 🥳🥳

Miki Cerise says:

Great job! 😊

fm / says:

perfect scores!? how in the WORLD? that's so incredible. congratulations to all those students… i am so proud of serena ! please work hard for hong kong! 加油!

flyingbearing says:

Only in China, can academic achievers receive such celebrity status. Meanwhile in America, we celebrate football players and woke student activists…
Even though America can still lure over top talents with high salary and freedom, the intellectual quality of average people is quickly falling behind.

YL C says:

How to get full mark for essay??

Clorox Bleach says:

The students who had 1 mistake: 👁️👄👁️

Zeez says:

These sweats r getting nowhere in life tbh

Chille Liu says:

Thank you China for implementing the national security law to bring back law, order and peace. Otherwise protesters funded by the CIA and UK would still be rampaging and destroying HK and of course blame everything on China.

Rudy Truly truly says:

Go to school and not to the streets.

Skip Ads says:

I want to be a doctor too.
Thanks to COVID-19 virus.
I am richer. 😂

Cynicsis says:

My caribbean country Trinidad and Tobago we do CXC/csec and if u fail or don't like the grade they can repeat to get a better grade. Also here above school age are called private candidates there is general and basic… be hired one has to have general profriency until age 50 can write over subjects many times but it's not free after the third chance. İ

Summer says:

That’s the one time and that child’s entire life with your parents will be half proud of them

Jakub Graf says:

It is interesting that the ONLY year the exams were taking via SMS(which most likely meant it was taken at home ) that 7 students got perfect scores . 🧐🧐🧐hmm…….???

Billson1029 says:

0:09 emanating stresses

LeafInFlames says:

Do Hong Kong students take the GaoKao?

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