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Senegal's new commuter train makes inaugural journey from Dakar

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A new commuter rail service has begun operating in Senegal.
Officials say it will help reduce pollution, and estimates expect about 100,000 passengers a day will use the trains.
But with half the population living below the poverty line, many people say the $3 ticket price is too expensive for them.

Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig reports.


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A. sow says:

So proud of my country 🇸🇳 ❤

des mond says:

A debt trap from its former colonial master, France, Soon France will take over the entire Senegal again.

Blah Blah Blah says:

Is this a loan from china?

Slimbabs says:

Wasn't in the president wishlist but that was a pseudo-project to save the French railway company ''ALSTOM'' which was on the verge of bankruptcy.
These 15 trains cost us more than a billion dollar (USD) while other countries such as Algeria which had 17 of the same type, I repeat the same type, manufactured by the same company ALSTOM and for the same distance of 55km , spent only the wicked sum of $ 225,968,000.00.

And the most hilarious, after that the President of Senegal unveiled it for $ 1,725,625.54. It borders on sarcasm, incompetence and high treason!

How our countries can develop with this type of corruption ?
When is France and some of its allied countries going to stop sucking the blood of Africans?

Diaz Virdani says:

Aljazeera report, bird flu outbreak in Israel

Raj H says:

Honestly,, Senegal is doing so well. It's one of the shining countries in West Africa and I have been noticing its HDI and GDP per capita increasing at a great rate. Good job. Proud of this country. Hello From NYC.

fbalaskas says:

The fare is 3 dollars, wow. This is excessively expensive for the Senegalese. Also, it seems like the construction costs were inflated. They are better off not having a commuter train. Forking over 1.3 billion dollars to France for a train that won't be used.

amartinjoe says:

half under the povery line and they spend money on this ?

cheikh anta mbacke Sene says:

Proud to be senegalese

Floating in Life says:

Extremely happy for my Senegalese brother and sister. This is amazing.

Frog in a well says:

China at it again, debt trapping poor African countries, this is pure neo colonialism, the Chinese is robbing Africa! Huh what, it's France, oh then never mind, nothing to see here 🤣

Wuzhaniin vlogs says:

Congrats 🎉

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