Sean Hannity 4/16/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING NEWS April 16,21

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Sean Hannity 4/16/21
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Ben Fowler says:

Stop blocking the pictures youtube!! Fuck heads..

jeremy Hirsch says:

Youtube editing these videos. Grow up already, fu…cking loosers.

Joanne Shea says:

I Agree.. well said.. with all that’s going on with the police they have to be very careful . I love our police ❤️💙. God bless, and protect our police 🙏

Robert Driggers says:

Yes and amen

Robert Driggers says:

1chronicles 16:27

Robert Driggers says:

Romans 8:22-23

rossco henderson says:

The Democrats have ruined their states , and now want to ruin the rest of our country .

Robert Driggers says:

Philippians 1:21

Justin Mcclain says:

Isn't Chicago a Democrat ran state ?????? Thank God I live in a state where are leaders actually care about the people and not there powers all those city's screaming defund police are screaming help us now or moving out of that chaos

icebreaker7 says:

These FOX videos are being censored. Why does YT keep putting Trumps face over parts of videos recently?

Rafael Verdejo says:

stretcher. Wasn't no tragedy this was out right murder. Where was the gun in his hands? Sean you're the one distorting the truth always defending the cops shut the hell up you racist asshole.

Robert Driggers says:

Revelation 21:5

Robert Driggers says:


Melinda Bloodworth says:

All I see is Trump

Robert Driggers says:

Hebrews 12:11

Robert Driggers says:

Genesis 1:27-28

River Savage says:

YouTube is hiding the video behind a picture of Trump! 😡

Robert Driggers says:

Psalm 89:15-16

Debbie Lizotte says:

I'm so sick of these mockingbird. All reading from the same script. These people are EVIL. TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY!!! MSM IS PROPAGANDA. Never thought I would see this craziness in our beloved country. We need to arrest all these SOB's.

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