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SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Lawsuits Against Race-Based College Admissions Policies

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Campus Reform correspondent Aubrey Tuell joined In Focus with Stephanie Hamill on One America News Network to discuss legal challenges taken up against Harvard and UNC surrounding race-based admissions policies. The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the lawsuits.

Watch the video above to hear Tuell respond to the developments.


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Jennifer Harper says:

My daughter is one of the people who was accepted to two wonderful Universities and when she tried to find funding, she couldn't. Every single app she put in went to a minority. She was accepted to the UNC Chapel Hill and Appalachian State University

Obelisk says:

Imagine thinking race based admissions is a good thing.

Joseph Pearlman says:

Easy way to fix this is everyone list black as their race on admission forms. If questioned, they can say they identify as black.

DonJuan says:


The only type of person to be considered to fill Justice Kennedy's chair is a black woman lol

Hyper #8 says:

I support OAN
The left lies about you

Mark Julian says:

We've been screaming to the sky since the 60s it's never been about equality it's about dominance and replacement

DS Symonds says:

Half century of Affirmative Action has ensured MLK Jr's dream remains a dream.

Errol Flynn says:

Brandon " Black female will be my vice-president choice…" ( Kamala Harris ). Brandon " black female will be my SCOTUS pick… " ( it's their ideology and can never deviate or it will fall apart. )


Allllllllll Gore Rhythm 💙

992 TURBO S says:

Personally How I chose a Doctor :
1 : Asian – Just better overall in Academics .
2 : Women – Just more Compassion .
Other then that I really don’t care .

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