Russia, China and the US compete for vaccine influence in Latin America

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Russia has sent more than 80 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Cuba after the Caribbean nation was rocked by anti-government protests two weeks ago.
It is the latest donation sent to Latin America, a region hit particularly hard by the pandemic.
Rival superpowers, the United States and China, have also been sending vaccines and authorising the production of vaccines in the region.
The US is playing catch-up in vaccine diplomacy after the former Trump administration’s perceived snub of the region.

Al Jazeera’s Daniel Schweimler reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Comments Labuan73 says:

Vaksin Poison Labuan73 says:

New world order WHO PBB global teroris saitan

Jaw Shark says:

Pfizer is 39% effective. Very high so much immunity lol

Man Kok Lau says:

At least take a vaccine that works fo wuhan virus

Travel Crawl says:

Both amazing and shocking that Chile is willing to deal with the Kung-Flu devil itself.

Jarrod Yuki says:

take both jabs.

Michael Gold says:

Good luck with Sputnik V lol

Ocean Wave says:

My observation: if it was not for China, the West (plus Japan) would once again ignore the developing world, like they have done before China's rise was visible.

Loo Is says:

US? the same US that basically stole medical supplies not long ago? from masks, to syringes, to respirators, from countries like, france, germany and brazil, the same brazil that is getting "aid" now. Cuba has its own vaccines like Soberana and Abdala but it can't get syringes, courtesy of US sanctions…

Dajjal Day Walker says:

Say no to both TOXIC vaccines.. plus Same BRICS NATIONS western & FRANKENSTEIN too. .aka fake aptheriad ISRAEL….or endless ethnic cleansing genocide etc or recolonized Marches on.

Dajjal Day Walker says:

Just say no to both TOXIC vaccines thanks occupational SOUTH AMERICA AFRICA TO SOUTH ASIA TOO..

Symantha says:

"vaccine influence" how is that a thing?

yooser naime says:

It's probably a good thing that countries are competing to vaccinate Latin America against the Chinese virus, although any country that chooses to accept a Chinese solution to the problem that was caused by China is asking for trouble.

Willy Wong says:

Watch out America vaccines could be tainted..they forever try to wipe out Cuba..

cory ddp says:

As an American I already know that China and Russia shouldn't even be able to compete but I will go meant it's just so vicious and greedy and power hungry that it has opened the door to countries that are more acceptable to socialism. The competition is good and hopefully one of these countries will assist Cuba and Haiti with needles supplies and food and stick the middle finger up on any questions about the United States. Oh yeah hopefully soon country will assist North Korea. I'm not talking about government leadership I'm talking about the actual people of any country that need assistance.

mkkiani says:

All these vaccines are safe. None has any side effects of any significance. People with pre existing conditions should avoid vaccines. The few deaths after vaccination are due to pre-existing conditions unrelated to vaccines. People with naturally high levels of antibodies are extremely well protected against every type of variant so far. Vaccination of such people is likely to act in an adverse manner and weaken there system. This is why it is important not to vaccinate all people without testing their levels of antibodies. The other method would be to vaccinate only 50% of the population, leaving a viable number to be free of adverse effects, in order that the country can function.

Steven Baksh says:

India and China gave my country Guyana vaccines we got Sputnik V too

EPI SPE says:

Nobody cares about feeding the hungry.

Ter Tarantulas says:

Will you allow us to live stream when the medical police come knock on our door and shoot us in the head say October or so under health measures? Just wondering for a friend?

Hamzah Iftikhar says:

Pak should get the vaccine

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