Rep. Tom Cotton: Russia bounty intel 'selectively leaked' to help Biden campaign

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U.S. intelligence backpedaled on reports of Russia placing bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers; reaction and analysis from Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., on ‘The Faulkner Focus.’ #FoxNews

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tillty24 zoo says:

Tom Cotton didn't fight against vote cheating in 2020. Republicans aren't winning anymore elections.

Kim Wallace says:

Biden is a threat to the world and we all will suffer.

James Wolff says:

The Commie Dems won't apoligize for nothing

James Wolff says:


S Garrett says:

Why is(was?) trump so terrified of putin? All the things this wack job is spouting off about that Russia happened long before Biden got to the W/H! Pipeline, more BS! Bounties, cotton says he knew of report, couldn't verify but said nothing!! Blame it on the next guy, you gutless cowards!!!

Ralph Bearup says:

Biden just put America in a bad course with Russia and now will retaliate with economic and selling arms to country that in conflict with America. More powerful weapons.

James Wolff says:

COMMUNISM at it's best They want to be just like CHINA

malcolm valentine says:

good ole republican chump cotton balls is a friggin racist prick

Ralph Bearup says:

Do you think Biden gives a crap what he does to the country. Biden is old and won’t live for very long. He has illness not being said, so Biden don’t care but his grand kids will suffer.

Matt Perry says:


Kevin S says:

What has changed is we finally get that they hate us and want us dead.

Branson William says:

Biden is the only threat to election integrity because he knows he cheated and the American people know it, good luck fuckface I wish you prison

Jane MacKenzie says:

What's the date for the debate with Putin, Joe? I wouldn't want to miss it!!!

C Dennis Kienzle says:

OMG Biden opened his mouth and out came nonsens and lies!! We just have a year and a half until 2022 mid terms and three and one half (who is counting) years until we send Biden and crew to MEXICO, CHINA, GUMALA, IRAN or any other Hell Hole of their choice! Stay Strong America we have done this before we will do it again!!! Red, White and Blue!!!

C Lo says:

If this is the case why are they not calling for impeachment? This is another example of nobody doing anything they really should. All talk no action. Spineless

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