Proposed doxxing law a case of legal overreach

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The malevolent posting of personal details on digital platforms in Hong Kong must be prevented, but there is a need for balance, according to SCMP special projects editor Cliff Buddle, who says it is also time for laws that make legitimate access to information easier.

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hehehoho says:

Ah yes publishing someone's personal info is totally necessary for reporting a news story…

GWAKthekorean says:

do I get arrested im for watching this?
cough cough cough I mean this Is western propaganda get rid of thid immediately(wait do I get arrested for sarcasm?)

John F says:

Legal overreach sorry I don’t agree to be placed in a free speech background score system that may cause employment issues. Are you saying we can’t tell the truth free speech??my name is a Trademark no one or Government can use it without my authority ; which includes sensitive records

Jap the American Lapdogs says:

Other countries can’t target US companies using their local laws, its American companies are invincible while American long arm jurisdiction poke nose in almost every part of the world through sanctions, extradition and punish any company or individual at their wink disregard laws in respective country when it effect US, American companies or Individual.
US must stop dictating everything in the world and not qualified to set standard or laws, US must stop been too greedy and selfish with their hegemony.

Anthony Eng says:

Please talk about precedents and not trash a law in general terms. All laws are set by human and no one is perfect. Don’t have to look far to the WEST.

Butterfly Sword says:

Balance and commonsense are always important. I don't agree with doxxing especially as it may affect children or vulnerable others such as the elderly.

Adik Axl says:



Floating Bodies in China Hena 🤣🤣🤣👍

David Wong says:

FAKE News is also Freedom of Speech 😂🤣😂

Eastern Razor says:

In US, telling the truth means jail. Here catching devious criminals should not be an issue.
Why is it an issue for South China Morning Post …are you crossing the red line?

Abhishek Kumar says:

What a way Hide ur one news and show other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so that know one can point at u………..

Michael Morris says:

Goodbye Hong Kong!!!

T T says:

It is China issue let the Chinese song its own problem, we do not need you Britain to come here to tell us how what and why, our civilization is much longer than you peoples are.

Shivam Vaid says:

Why is south china post bothered about Hong Kong. Fix your own country first. Winnie is losing ground now.

Vermin Watch_Out says:

Certain personal information such as residential or work addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, family members' names and addresses and contact details, etc.are more likely to cause or be used to cause harm and harassment, why doesn't this opinion piece focus of the "type" of personal information that is necessary for a free press to function without causing doxxing harm and harassment? I think we all know why…

Winter Rising says:

anglo gweilo days are over

GlenClark Chidley says:

Time to get out of HK!

P 99 says:

Free speech is to abused at this point in time

Ben Liu says:

Lol.. Most infamous breaking of Doxxing laws in the media = Apple Daily. Not to mention releasing of information on HK law enforcement families. It's not "Both sides" – it is purely one sided and very evident where that is coming from (Yellow).

Samurai X says:

Criminalizing doxxing is a step in the right direction. But proving 'intent to harm' in a court of law would be difficult, not unless harm has actually materialized. Still a lot of legal wiggle room if the offender is facing a sympathetic judge.

Ronin Z says:

since when that doxxing others should not be a crime?

- says:

Nope. Make it legal

Shitokorea says:

Last Chang incoming

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